Dare Game

I am sweating, I don’t believe what I’ve saw, I can’t in fact as this whole event must be delusional! It has to be! I’ll write down what happened to try to elucidate my mind as I can barely make any sense. My name is not important, my weight is 165 pounds, my height is 5’11’’ and I am somewhat fit, I have to be because of my job, I work as a sort of night watcher. I do not get easily scared and I didn’t believe in the paranormal (not even religious).

All started in a normal night, I was off duty taking a walk with my girlfriend and some friends (my friendly circle), in my town there are many new constructions of which some had they progress stopped due to governmental problems. We were passing near one of those half build buildings, it looked abandoned as if years passed and it was kinda forgotten. One of my friends dared me to go into half of it, wave from the broken window and come down. It was a stupid dare and the place could have drug addicts or a group of thugs, could have just hobos or nothing at all.

I wanted to say “no” but they wouldn’t let me be for a long time. Inside the cryptic construction there were dust, broken walls, cement sacks, half broken windows, all that paraphernalia that you would see in a construction site. As I made my way upstairs I started hearing a sound, it was like a whisper coming from way up. The first three floors were fast even with me walking slowly and making no sound, I didn’t wanted to draw attention to myself in case were someone there, I could startle them or they could get aggressive by my presence. Each floor was different from the one below, the stairs were positioned in different places, some times there were two sets of stairs in different places and the walls of the rooms were almost random.

In the seventh floor the sounds that I heard weren’t a whisper anymore, I got close to one of the windows in my floor and looked down to see my friends, they were there waving at me, I waved back and started going down but, I stopped. Curiosity killed the cat as they say, I started walking upstairs again to find out what was that sounds about. I made my way up to the eleventh floor and them it struck me, how could I have heard the sound of the whispers so down below? It was like a calling, like it was calling me, just as I have reached the thirteenth floor I saw it, two hooded figures near a body in the ground, the corpse was disemboweled, blood in the ceiling and in the walls, I started to tremble and sweat, the two were chanting something that I couldn’t understand. My mind was thinking a thousand things “what if they catch me?” “what are they doing?” “who they killed?” “what the hell is happening here?” “will I be able to get back down?” “are they aware of my presence?” my instincts were just screaming for me to get the hell out of this hellhole! But I was frozen in place, all I could do was watch.

Suddenly something started happening in the ceiling, I was like something was ripping through, I saw claws, and then a snout and then fangs. It was black with eerie red eyes. His skin was like charred black leather with some bits of fur. It roared and landed down into the corpse. I was ready to leave when one of the hooded figures tried to run, the creature pounced into him, it was like time had stopped and I could see the creature tearing his back with his claws like it was digging into him! The man screamed but soon the creature bites his throat and ripped it off! The other hooded figure was trying to hide from the creature while it was tearing his friend.

I slowly went down the stairs leaving the creature behind, I got down two floors when I heard a sound coming from behind me, I found a place to hide among the construction materials and kept quiet. The hooded man walked through but wasn’t like he was looking for me, soon I heard someone call “Ethan…” the hooded figure stopped and looked around. I noticed that I had already heard that voice somewhere… It was the voice of the other hooded man, but he was dead! He should be dead! The hooded man tried to make a run for it, when he was passing through the door frame I saw it, the creature was there, and hit the hooded man with his tail in a whip like fashion, blood was pouring like the hound had hit an artery. The hooded man started running in panic to the other side of the floor, soon I saw the creature following him walking like a lizard in the ceiling. This was my chance to escape, so I took it! I ran down the stairs the fast as I could. When I finally reached the ground floor I thought it was all over, but when my friends came to greet me, my girlfriend and one other friend weren’t there. “You were taking too long to come down so they went up to find you.”

I was broken, “What the hell were they thinking? They will go right to the jaws of that unholy abomination!” I screamed. My friends looked at me in an uneasy way, I did not know how to tell what happened and didn’t had the time to either. “Go call the authorities, there is a body there, I am going to go in there see if I can find them.” They looked at me, static, but they knew I would never play with something like this, one of them wanted to come with me but I told him not to, it was going to be dangerous and it wasn’t required another person, only one should take the risk, he tried to argue saying that two would be safer, I tried to stay calm and told him he didn’t had the training I had, so he probably would only makes things difficult to me. As I started re-entering that dreadful place fear started to take place inside of me again, in fact that fear never left me, but it was extremely intense and each step I took upwards only made the fear increase. I thought of running away and leaving them, nobody would have to know, maybe they could see that I wasn’t there and leave, maybe the hound had already taken them, what if I was next and my stupidity in going back into danger was going to be my demise? As I reached the sixth floor I heard a call, it was my girlfriend, she was in the same floor as me, I walked slowly coming close to her, was it her? Was it the monster? I had already seen the creature mimic the voice of someone it killed, I took a piece of wood from the ground, if this was the creature at least I would try to harm it! Rage filled me with each step, and each step images of my girlfriend being eaten by the creature echoed my mind. I got closer and closer, slowly, and then she just appeared in front of me, she was in shock looking at the piece of wood that I had in my hand, but I was relieved that she was okay, she didn’t ask about the wood plank I had in hand and asked me where I was and why did I take so long? Before I could explain I heard my friend screaming upstairs, I took my girlfriend’s hand and started running, when we got to the fifth floor I started hearing my friend calling me, my girlfriend wanted to stop but I kept running, I knew it wasn’t my friend, it was IT, that thing! That goddamn hound that came straight from the pits of hell just to kill everything it sees! And I know what it can do, it can mimic voices, it is fast, strong and can use the dark to become near invisible!

When we got to the fourth floor I heard it coming right into us, I told my girlfriend to stay hidden, that I would try to lure it upstairs, and to leave the place as soon as she sees the creature running upstairs. She was confused but she nodded, she was in the brink of panic and still had to be strong, I told her to do not come to me even if she heard me calling, and run away the most that she could.

We awaited the creature to pass us, and then I ran upstairs, the creature was quick to notice and came running to me, I was tired of those damned stairs, so many stairs! I heard the creature coming closer and closer to me, it was right behind me, I could even feel its breath on my back, without choice I jumped out of the window, it hurt too much and the glasses cut me from the impact and from the fall..

I almost fainted and was sure I had broken some bones, as I looked up I could see the black sky of the night and the creature, looming over me and licking the blood from the shards of glass in the window, soon my girlfriend came to me and I saw the light of the sirens reflecting in the building, then all went black.

I stayed in the hospital for quite some time, I had deep cuts from the glass shards and some broken bones. The police officers asked me a lot of questions and I tried to answer them as best as I could, but I was sure they wouldn’t believe in me, even I doubt my sanity at this point. I got sent home but, everywhere I look, if it is dark, I can feel him, the rooftops, the alleys, everywhere, he is tracking me, I can feel it! I won’t let him take me! I won’t be dog food, I WON’T!

(The suspect of the murders was found dead in his apartment shot to the head, supposedly this is the note he left. He was diagnosed several mental illnesses)