He’s Waiting

Missing Person’s Report
Filed: Wednesday, July 6th, 1983
Victim: Lori Fielden
Location: Greenfield, USA
Details: Child, 9 years old was reported missing on the date of Wednesday, July 6th, 1983. It is not clear on when she initially went missing but it is believed that she went missing on the day of Monday July 4th, 1983. Whereabouts is currently unknown.


Greenfield, USA, such a wonderful small town. I loved it here, my parents would let me go play around in the forest behind our house, and let me roam the town. I just moved here during the spring and was excited to be here. I loved this town far more than where I use to live. So peaceful, so calm. I only had two friends named Maddy Nickelson and Tara Jensen. They were both older than me, Maddy being ten and Tara being twelve but they still seemed to enjoy playing with me although I was only nine.

We would run and play in the forest for hours, exploring until my mom called us for dinner. We found a nice little creek that ran through what appears to have been a huge river but is now just a mere river bed. The forest was lush green and rather humid, the birds were always singing and it was ever so peaceful. Maddy and Tara loved scaring me a lot, they would recount rumours and stories of kids my age that have been kidnapped and gone missing in these forests. They sometimes even told stories of child eating monsters, one they seemed to like was the story of Slender man. A tall weird creature which appears to have two arms and two legs and has multiple extra arms that are used to scare its prey. He is said to have a white face and no feature and wears a sort of suit. They loved that story and so did I. The story use to scare me but I’ve slowly become braver when I’ve been talking to these two. Maybe they just give off an aura of bravery, who knows?

I was awoken late last night by a weird tapping on my window, I glanced over at my clock to check the time and it read 12:34 PM. This struck me as odd but soon it started to scare me a little. Sure most of the stories Maddy and Tara told me were fake but for some reason this scare me. The tapping slowly grew louder and louder until it was an unbearable banging. Using all the courage I had, I opened up my curtains. Shocked, I saw Maddy staring right at me with a strange smile on her face. My fears slowly started to shrink so I opened the window and let her in.

“Maddy what are you doing here? It’s Midnight,” I asked her

“Tara is outside, get dressed we want to show you something,” she responded

Nervous, I decided to listen. I put on a pair of black sweatpants and a pink t-shirt with a pretty blue hoodie over me. I opened up my window to see Maddy and Tara looking up and waving at me.

“Guys I don’t know if I want to leave, my parents will get really scared,” I shouted

“Come on Lori, it will be quick,” Tara said

“Hurry up he’s waiting for us,” Maddy added

“Who’s waiting for us?” I asked

They ignored my question

“Ah jeez, fine,” I mumbled

I climbed out onto my roof but became a little scared, I didn’t know how I was going to get down. Tara eventually climbed up and carried me down, wow she was strong. We started walking into the forest which I must say is quite a bit scarier at night. We walked to what looked like a tiny campfire and sat on some logs. We sat in silence for a while until I finally broke the silence.

“So what is it you wanted to show me?”

They stayed quiet.

“Guys I’m getting kind of scared and cold out here, I’m going to go home now.”

Still nothing

“He’s here,” said Tara

“Who’s here?” I asked

“Our master,” Maddy said abruptly

“Guy’s you’re scaring me, can you please stop with your dumb pranks? I’m really tired.”

From across the fire where Maddy and Tara sat I noticed that they were staring at me, they didn’t blink or anything. They sat there, watching me intently, as if they were staring at my soul. I became more and more fearful.

“Come with us Lori,” Tara said breaking the silence.

“Can we please just go home?” I asked with fear in my voice.

“You are coming with us,” Maddy ordered.

“But I want to go home,” I said with tears forming.

“You are coming with us,” Maddy repeated.

“Fine,” I said while starting to cry.

Finally, they got up and forced me to come with them. We walked deeper and deeper into the forest when we approached a hill by the river. We walked right to the hill and at that moment they pushed me off the edge. I screamed as I plummeted down the hill, when I landed I broke my arm making me scream even louder.


I couldn’t stop crying, I was in pain, lots of pain.


Finally, they had enough of my crying and Maddy picked up a rock and started bashing my skull with it. I cried and screamed even louder. They whacked me many times. My head bled like crazy, I felt my skull crack. I felt my consciousness slipping away. Finally while on the brisk of unconsciousness, I saw a faint vision of a tall man emerge from the shadows. I couldn’t see his eyes but I knew he was glaring at my half conscious body. As my eyes slowly adjusted, I saw multiple arm extend out of the creature and reach out and s****h Maddy and Tara, he decapitated them instantly. Ripping each of their limbs off their body. I saw the whole thing. Finally he got bored with them and bent down until his face was inches from mine. His face was all white, he had brown eyes, no hair, and a menacing smile. The smile wasn’t natural though, it was a smile that was cut into his face with a knife. His eyelids were absent and he had blood on his mouth. His fang like teeth were razor-sharp. I felt a sharp pain in my stomach and noticed a glistening blade sticking out of my stomach. More pain erupted as he sank his teeth into my body, he chewed away my flesh keeping eye contact the whole time. Finally my consciousness slipped away and I was just a lifeless corpse, doomed to be some monster’s dinner.

  • Cheers to Creepy Things

    This reminds me of the story on the news. Still great tho!

  • Jed

    1/5 Just seems like a rehash of the tragedy involving the real life stabbing, save for the bland appearance of Slender Man.