Cracky Casy and Ticci Toby

I was a normal girl. Note “was”. I had friends, a family, and a good school. Well, that’s a lie, it sucked. Like, it was okay, but no. There was one problem with my usual high school girl self. I had an addiction to crack my neck. I cracked it so randomly, it scares people. But it was fine.

I had recently become obsessed with scary stuff. Blood, gore, and death. To be specific, creepypastas. they were like unexplained stories of possibly real things. just like Ticci Toby. The most amazing CP character ever! My obsession became so surreal, that every night I’d read his story, memorizing it. He was a boy, the same age as me, who had tics. He cracks his neck randomly, twitch and he’d make a ticking sound, giving him his name. Eventually, he killed his abusive father in front of his mother, and he killed her too. he set his house ablaze, and ran into the forest, to fake his death. He found Slenderman. He became a Proxy, and Slenderman’s, right-hand man. Working alongside hoodie the second Proxy.

I always hope this is real, and I’d be found by him. Not to die, but to be taken in. I always carried a hatchet, Toby’s favorite weapon, in my backpack. This became known. Not only by the school but the streets too. People were scared. My family became distant, and I hated them for it. My older bro tried to get away as much as possible.

One night, as the whole family was home and asleep, I heard a knock on my door. I got up to see who it was. I assumed it was my mother saying goodbye as she might be leaving early, but no. No one was there. I turned my head around the corner, but there was absolutely no one. I shut my door behind me and kept my head down, not looking up at all. I crawled in, under my covers, but there was something wrong. the weight was shifted, and someone sat next to me.

“Rude to get in bed with a man, without permission,” I heard a soft, tender voice, of what sounded like a teen boy.

“Huu… huh…” I breathed heavily.

“Hehe,” I heard him laugh.

“W-who is this?” I asked fearfully, turning around to see a silhouette of a man, 17 or so, sitting in a squat next to me. I noticed a weapon in his hand, with another in a holder. it had the shape of an ax, like a hatchet.

“You know who I am… you know my story. Dear Casy,” he said deeply, sounding raspier. there was only one explanation, as it didn’t sound like my brother.

“Are you, him?” I asked, but paused to see his head move in a slight nod.

“Ticci… Toby?” I said, fearing for my life.

“Ah Casy. To bad your lips will be covered. they are beautiful.” he said, and as my eyes began to adjust, I saw his face. he began reaching for a bag, pulling out a mask, just like his. he gently lifted me up, and put it on. his hands were soft, and he seemed to care. he strapped it on, pulling my hair from under it.

“You’re not gonna kill me?” I asked, with a slight bit more confidence. He didn’t respond but reached for his bag again. He pulled out goggles, like his but with red lenses. He placed them on, not letting them cover my eyes. He was still silent as he pulled out a light blue hoodie, with red stains on it. I had noticed now, he was covered in red stains. Blood I presumed. It didn’t scare me, now that I saw he was changing me to look like him. He wanted me.

“This is yours now Casy,” he said. I then asked, “how do you know my name?” he locked his eyes with mine.

“I have seen you in the school halls. you have smiled at me, and we even talked,” he said, and pulled out two brown gloves, also stained red. I put them on but left the hoodie by my side. he placed his hand on his mask, covering his mouth. he lowered it, revealing a largely carved side-smile on him.

“I know what you want,” he said

“Do you?” I asked

“Kill your damn useless family.”

“But they are what you said…”

“What good have they done for you?” I paused at this and looked at the knife. He smiled.

“You too,” he said, pulling out a knife, to care this smile. And the knife pierced my skin and cut through, I screamed with agony but began laughing.

“CASY WHAT ARE YO-” yelled my mom as she barged in, the blood still dripping from my mouth and onto Toby’s hand on my face. My father followed my mom, and brother behind them. I began laughing, the pain making me sound downright insane.

“HAHAHAHAHA DONT YOU SEE!?” I yelled, getting out from my covers, still laying on my lap.

“Oh, poor older brother. You won’t see your family again. you’ll be the LAST to die!” I said, still fighting the pain to speak, as I still sounded utterly crazy.

“You will need this.” I heard Toby say from behind me, as he slid his new hatchet to my hand. I quickly bashed it into my mother’s chest, ripping her heart out, and watching it slowly stop beating. the blood running down the handle to my hand. I licked it, terrifying my dad and brother.

“what…WHAT THE-” my dad tried to call out, but was stopped by the hatchet, cutting his head clean off.

“Oh, poor brother. are you proud of me?” I asked, not wanting the answer

“N-no…” he stuttered.

“WRONG ANSWER!” I yelled at his face. I then chopped the blade into the top of his head, letting him fall to the ground. the blood all over me, and on the floor. Then I kicked their bodies. I chuckled and turned around. Toby stood there, mere inches from my face. he pulled my mask out of the way and did the same with his.

“Oh my beautiful and crazy Casy,” he said and twitched. “Cracky Casy,” he said watching me crack my neck as loud as I could. it was a heart-wrenching sound like bones breaking. He placed his hands on my waist. I followed and lay my hands on his chest. I could feel him pull me close. His breath was hot but it didn’t last for long, as I felt is gentle lips press against mine. We stood there, gently smacking our lips together and turning our heads slightly. he turned me around and pushed me to the bed. He rubbed his hands down my side, reaching for my leg. He lifted it up and I wrapped it around his waist. He slowly slid his hands up to my face. he placed his hand on the cut smile, and one hand on my neck. He slowly lifted his head from mine, his gaze on my eyes, then slowly dropping to my lips. He gently laid his hand on small peck on my nose and got up, pulling me with him.He held me close and licked the blood from my face.

“Get that sweater I gave you on,” he said. I was still in love with his kiss, as I pulled it over my head.

“What now?” I asked, hoping there was something he could do.

“hehe…” he laughed, “lets light this place up!” he said and ran the gasoline down the house. I pushed the bodies to different places and took my bag with the hatchet in it. I threw in some food and water. We left through the back as the house lit up, and red, yellow and orange swallowed the house. Toby took my hand and pulled me to his chest, as we watched my childhood go up in flames. I laughed creepily.

“That place sucked anyway,” I said. Toby looked at me and nodded, telling me it was time to go. We ran away, holding hands and dashed into the forest, to see Slenderman standing there, awaiting our arrival.

“This must be her,” he said, with a deep, dark and raspy voice.

“Yes sir,” said Toby.

“Hello, Slenderman… uh, sir,” I said, unsure of what to do.

“Welcome to the proxies Casy,” he said, turning around as to lead us to the place we stayed.

“You begin killing today.” he said. I was ready.

  • CreatureUnderTheRock

    Hey not to be rude but you should keep Toby out of the backstory.
    I do like the character, and I do think it could improve and be really good!
    And if you want her to be in a relationship with Toby, than I would create a different story that’s separate from the backstory.
    Like you have the backstory, than you have another story on how she met Toby.
    Sorry if this came of as rude I’m just stating my opinion.
    You don’t have to take my advice, and I don’t expect you to.

  • Bonnie Manz

    You need to edit this story the grammar and punctuation need a lot of work.

  • IronMosquito

    How did this get such a high rating? The grammar needs work, but the story is cliché and bland. I also feel like someone wouldn’t just be welcomed by Slender to become a proxy, I feel like it would have some training involved… Other than that, this character is like a carbon copy of Toby. Not great.

  • Wingman

    Meh I like it. You know, lots of teens (or just other people) who have to live in a home with strict rules and somewhat cold parents feel caged, they daydream of running away. I have dreamed the same dream. Why not get rid of your problem (your sluggish family) or people that are holding you back, and leave only fire and the sad, burnt, distant memories witch were once your past? I would, and so would other people, as long as good dreams do exsist, there is hope for your dream 🙂 also, i love this story because Ticci-Toby is my favorite creepypasta and always will be. I love your story, you will be great someday

  • NoEyesYT

    Anyone else think that went to wierd place after she killed her family

  • NotACultist

    Your writing has potential but toby does not to be included maybe pick a more creative name for your character as well along with the fact you sound like a fan girl.