The Origin of the Dyne

It started before the “god’s” and “God” were thought up by the foolish minds of man, after all God’s are figments of a man’s creative imagination. But the true deity is called the Dyne,  it has other names including,  “Seer”, “The All Knowing” and known by those who have heard it’s will, commonly believe it to be God, the man who sits on a cloud creating life but…no. The Dyne’s purpose is much more sinister. Nobody has seen the Dyne, or Mabey they have but are no longer in existence or Mabey are, but are labeled “mad” or just scared to speak up. But one person recorded the Dyne, I am referring to Judas, traitor to “God’s son”. Judas saw the Dyne and described it in a lost manuscript he wrote that “God” (the Dyne) is a black shadowed, human like entity approx. 8 men in height with abysmal eyes said to show those who gaze into them, their true selves,  the future,  the past and the end of being. Moving his eyes down it’s shadowed body he saw arms reaching the ground with clawed hands “dripping the stars from his palms” and finally long legs which appear infinite if gazing solely on them. Also when displeased, the Dyne sprouts bat like wings, their span reaching the length of ten average men. Now you won’t find any written evidence of the Dyne as I stated before but not only due to insanity or fear,  but also because believers in other religions have fought to destroy any evidence of it.  Finally,  before I leave you to your petty human thoughts,  the Dyne only exposes itself to the weak minded and overly pride filled people and once gazing into its eyes or hearing it’s “voice” you will hear it in your mind for the rest of your life and seeing it and it’s ghastly images it thinks every waking moment and every time you attempt to rest your eyes and sleep until your breaking point and you die.  Upon death your soul belongs to the Dyne,  its predicted that it needs the souls to charge fully so it can complete it’s task once and for all and destroy all life in the universe, and devour it all so as to recreate and revise the world for mankind has slowly made this planet a terrible, over populated place, I write this to anyone who will listen, there is one way and one way only to stop the Dyne’s agenda,  and that is to never ever, EVER think of the Dyne if you do, he will impose upon you his curse and your soul will be the last one needed to charge him,  and you will be the end of all life,  but I suppose you are only human and will think anyway and not heed my warnings, hear that? That mind piercing silence?  that’s him,  he’s coming.

**I’m new to writing pastas and want commentary on anyone’s thoughts and if anyone can supply a drawing of the Dyne that would be greatly appreciated!**

  • Mr. Phase

    Since you’re new, it was decently okay. I’m a h******e creepypasta lover so I can’t say it was great or anything, but you could have some potential.

  • Eagle

    You say God is man’s creation. But what of your Dyne?

  • ThatOneGuy

    Check your grammar, it makes all the difference

  • Rose Morrison

    Interesting piece, but please edit your writing, it’s so hard to enjoy a piece with lots of grammatical, spelling, etc errors.