My parents and I lived in an old house, victorian style. It was beautiful but then again I was always drawn to dark things. My parents would never let me go in the basement, but there was always noises coming from there, obviously it worried me so I’d question them about it often, but they would just tell me to forget about it.

It always sounded like stuff moving around downstairs, low growls and groaning. I was honestly scared. What were my parents hiding? I wanted to trust them, but I couldn’t.

I got up one night because I had a bad dream of a girl with her face bandaged up so she couldn’t speak well, and for some reason also to prevent her from biting people. She was in my room and she was mumbling about “they’re liars” “don’t trust them” “kill them”. When I woke up I cut on the lights and went to go check on my parents. They were still sleeping so I started walking back to my room, then the lights flickered and went out. I ran back to my parents room and woke them up to tell them. They told me it was okay and just to go back to bed so I did, but I didn’t go to sleep.

I kept hearing stuff. I couldn’t take it anymore. I went to the basement door and tried to open it, but of course, it was locked. I plundered around as quiet as I could looking for a key but had no luck. I finally gave up and went back to bed.

The next day my mother asked me to go in their room and get my dads phone charger. I got a feeling while in their room like someone telling me to look in the bedside drawer, so I did, and there it was. The key.

I waited till night again so my parents would be asleep. I snuck back to the door and tried the key, and it worked. I slowly opened the door, a bit scared of what I’d find. “Save me” “come here” whispering was all that I heard, a female voice. “Who are you?” I asked, slowly walking down the stairs. She responded a moment later “your sister.”

I didn’t know what to think. Was this really my sister? Why is this girl locked down here?

I eventually found her in a corner, it was the girl from my dream. Her face was bandaged and she was in a straight jacket. “why are you down here?” I asked quietly. “They’re afraid of me” she mumbled. It was hard to understand her because of the bandages. “They? You mean..our parents?” “Yes.”

I went up to her and took off the bandages so I could talk to her better. Now I know that was a bad idea. At the time she seemed liked the victim, so I wanted to help. She was beautiful, her skin was fare, her eyes were gray with long eyelashes, she had a thin face and thin body. Her black hair fell in her face when I got the bandages off. She started laughing. The laughter made the floor shake and the lights flicker.

I tried to push my fear away to figure out more about her. “What’s your name?” I asked her quietly. “Charlotte.”

“My name is Kylie” I smiled a bit to make her feel more able to open up. She smiled back and nodded “I know. The perfect little girl. When they figured out what I was they locked me away forever. Now you are too”

My eyes widened at her words “what are you?” I was already shaking. “A demon.” Her voice changed, it wasn’t soft and pretty anymore, it was deep and raspy. Her eyes turned pitch black. I screamed and tried to run away, but the lights went out and I couldn’t see, and I heard the sound of fabric tearing…the straight jacket..she’s free.

I finally got upstairs and locked the door, leaving her down there to stay. I went to my parents room to tell them what happened. “Mother, father..” They turned on the lights and sat up to look at me. My mother and father looked at me in horror. “Charlotte…where’s Kylie?”

“Where you’re going to be, Dad. Dead.”

  • Phillip

    Good stuff man! Keep it up!

  • Jed

    1/5 Just bland.