Sweet Dreams: Luna Madison’s Backstory

It was school time. Well it was lunch time. Luna Madison (12 years old) was sitting at the benches watching some boys play basketball. Luna had a huge crush on one of the 8th graders who was named Paul Walker (13 years old). Luna and Paul had been best friends ever since the first day of school. Luna was new to the town she lived in so she was still very shy.

“I hope someday I can confess to Paul before he goes to high school,” Luna thought. She kept thinking about Paul until her second best friend Mikayla Tufolscout (12 years old) ran and called out her name.

“Hey Luna!” She called out. Luna jumped off the benches landing flat on the ground.

“Woah! You actually scared me Mikayla,” Luna said. Mikayla apologized and helped Luna up. Luna turned to the basketball court. Mikayla noticed that Luna was watching Paul play basketball.

“Paul is great at basketball right?” Mikayla asked. Luna nodded. “Well then you should talk to him” Mikayla said as she pushed Luna towards Paul. Luna didn’t budge but then she noticed a girl talking to Paul. It was Tiffany Soto (12 years old). Tiffany was a month older than Luna. Luna always hated Tiffany, they used to be friends but then Tiffany started dressing nicer and talking stuff behind Luna’s back. Tiffany would always talk trash to Luna. Luna knew that Tiffany had a crush on Paul and would confess to him soon but Luna wasnt going to let her so she immediately started walking to Paul and Tiffany and waved. Paul waved with a smile but Tiffany waved and shot a dirty look at Luna. Luna, Paul, and Tiffany started talking but Luna and Tiffany tried to hide their emotions.

*The bell rings*

The bell rung and it was time for Luna, Paul, and Tiffany to go their separate ways expect Luna and Tiffany had the same class. She and Tiffany had science class after lunch. After Luna closed her locker Tiffany walked up to her.

“Hey Loony,” Tiffany said.

“What do you want Tiff,” Luna said.

“I came here to tell you to stay away from Paul, he’s mine and if I see you talking to him your gonna have a bad bad time,” Tiffany said. Luna rolled her eyes and walked to class. Tiffany hates it when people role their eyes at her especially Luna.

“Hey you do not roll your eyes at me you understand!?!?!” Tiffany yelled. Luna didn’t pay attention and continued walking. Tiffany got very angry and ran towards Luna and pushed her causing Luna to land to the ground. Tiffany smiled and walked away. Luna was mad now because some of her skin is scraped from the concrete. As Luna got up she noticed something silver and red in her backpack. Luna covered her hand in her sleeves and took the thing and noticed it was a knife. It wasn’t just any knife, it was a bloody knife stained with the blood of innocent people. Luna also noticed a signature written on the knife that says JTK.

“JTK? Is that some kind of killer?” Luna told herself. Luna raised an eyebrow and put the bloody knife back in her backpack and then walked to class.

*After class*

Luna decided to tell Mikayla what JTK means.

“Mikayla!” Luna called out. Mikayla turned towards Luna and waved. Luna ran towards Mikayla.

“Hey Luna what’s up?” Mikayla asked.

“Do you know anything about the saying ‘JTK’?” Luna asked. Mikayla raised an eyebrow but smiled.

“JTK stands for Jeff the killer. He’s a cold blooded killer that kills people to satisfy his bloodlust and he’s already killed over 100 people. Many people say he’s real but he’s just a legend,” Mikayla said.

“Uh huh,” Luna said. As Mikayla and Luna was walking to their lockers Luna noticed a boy who looked about 18 years old wearing a white hoodie looting in her backpack and took the bloody knife out.

“HEY YOU! GET OUT OF MY LOCKER!” Luna yelled. The boy noticed that Luna was running towards him so he ran as fast as he could. Luna didn’t stop until she saw Tiffany. Luna tried to stop but she crashed into Tiffany.

“I’m so so sorry Tiff!” Luna said.

“Ugh! You should be cause you know the rules. NO RUNNING IN THE HALLS!! Why were you running anyway?!?” Tiffany yelled.

“THERE WAS A BOY IN MY LOCKER TAKING OUT A BLOODY KNIFE I MEAN-” Luna cut herself realized what she said. Tiffany raised an eyebrow. Luna ran out the school gates forgetting to take her backpack out of her locker.

*At home*

Luna wanted to know know what Jeff the killer looked like. Luna went to phone and searched up “Jeff the killer”. The first picture that popped up was so creepy that Luna screamed. When Luna took another look at Jeff she smiled an evil grin.

*The next day*

Luna walked in the school gates with a knife in her pocket. She was ready to take down Tiffany. As Luna was walking to her locker she heard Mikayla call out her name.

“Luna!” Mikayla called out. Luna walked towards Mikayla.

“What is it,” Luna said.

“Before you came I heard Tiffany telling people stuff about you that isn’t true,” Mikayla said. Luna eyes widened.

“Did you tell her about the bloody knife?” Mikayla asked.

“Yes…” Luna said putting her head down. As they were talking about the incident Paul walked passed them.

“Hey Paul!” Mikayla said. Luna turned around. Paul turned around as well and rolled his eyes then turned back.

“Paul wait!” Luna said running towards him.

“Luna can I talk to you for a sec?” Paul said. Luna nodded. “I think it’s best if we stop being friends besides Tiffany and I are already dating,” Paul said. Luna eyes widened with tears.

“Uh oh… this isn’t gonna end well for Luna,” Mikayla thought. Paul rolled his eyes and walked away. Luna dropped to the floor.

“I-I am h-heartbroken,” Luna said. Mikayla sat next to Luna and put her arm on Luna’s shoulder. Tiffany walked from behind Luna and Mikayla and smiled.

“Hey losers. Can you imagine it, me and Paul, boyfriend and girlfriend. Paul will never like you Luna. Why? Cause I told him your little secret,” Tiffany said nasty.


“Well I’m not afraid to say that’s she’s a killer,” Tiffany said. When Luna heard that she immediately got up to her feet and pushed Tiffany. Luna pulled out a knife and pointed it to Tiffany. Tiffany was scared.

“You ruined everything Tiffany. You stole Paul from me, You talked trash to me. Now it’s my turn. I will not end this well for you but goodbye,” Luna said. And that was the last thing Tiffany has heard from Luna as she ran towards Tiffany and stabbed her. Mikayla stared at Luna and so did most of the students. Luna hated being stared at but it was worth it. Luna put the knife back in her pocket and ran out of the school towards her house.

*At night*

Luna was glad that Tiffany was gone but something was not right. She knew she was a killer inside so she decided to change her look. As she took inspiration from Jeff the killer, Luna found a bottle of bleach and poured it on her. But instead of lighting herself of fire she decided to wait till her skin was white. After 10 minutes her skin was finally white. She took a look in the mirror and her hair was still brown so she opened the mirror cabinet and found black hair dye and started dying her hair. After Luna dyed her hair it was black. Luna took another look in the mirror. Her look was complete.

“Now to prove the pastas are actually real I will kill one of my best friends as a sacrifice to prove that if they are real or not,” Luna told herself. She didn’t want to kill Mikayla cause Mikayla doesn’t want to die and she doesn’t want to kill Paul either but he broke her heart so she’ll have to do it.

*At Paul’s house*

Luna was out of breath from running from her house to Paul’s house. Luna tried to open the from door. It was locked.

“There’s gotta be a way in here,” Luna said. Luna noticed the window to Paul’s room was open so she climbed in and crawled in his bed to wake him up. Paul’s left eye opened and noticed Luna.

“Luna? Is that you?” Paul asked.

“Yes, it’s me.” Luna said. “I wanna show you something and it’s in the forest nearby,” Luna said. Paul nodded and got up and followed Luna.

*At the forest*

As Luna and Paul went into the forest Paul was getting a bad vibe.

“Why did I agree to follow Luna into the forest. She killed Tiffany. I don’t trust her,” Paul thought.

“How long is it until you wanna show me the thing?” Paul asked.

“Just a little farther,” Luna said. Paul was getting more and more scared the deeper he and Luna went. Then Luna stopped. Paul stopped as well. Luna pulled out her knife stained with the blood of Tiffany. Paul’s eyes widened with fear.

“I need to get outta here!” Paul thought.

“Paul,” Luna said. Paul didn’t answer for a few minutes and then finally spoke.

“Yes?” Paul said. Luna turned around.

“I have something to say,” Luna said. Paul was getting nervous.

“What is she gonna say?” Paul thought. “What is it?” Paul said.

“Sweet Dreams,” Luna said. And that was the last thing Paul has heard from Luna as she ran towards him stabbing him.

“I’m sorry Paul, but you broke my heart. I still love you though. I forgive you,” Luna said. And walked away from the body.

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