Charlie The Theif

It was a dark night, I was reading such creepy old folk tale off my computer about some imposter little red Riding Hood that adventured the streets back in 1961 stealing books and food to survive, doesn’t sound creepy but wait till I tell you the tale of how my life almost vanished from living.

I just got done reading such story off the web, I didn’t really wanna deal with anymore poor written creepypasta, it told about how a thief was helping a child, who had some sort of sickness that involved a heart fail, we all know where that is ending, blah death and all that other stuff, I felt a bit board not able to sleep because of the brightness of my laptop. I blinked a few times a saw a shadow of something run across my dark empty room, being teen means you don’t have much stuff so when you move out you don’t gotta deal with boxes. I sat up grabbing my phone that had a flashlight and turned it on, scanning my room, every shadow that was insight…Yet … Nothing. I turned off my light laying back down, closed my eyes and went to sleep.

The next morning seemed a bit different as I headed off to school, I was stopped by the entrance. The school was closed, why I asked myself. It was only Tuesday, no one informed my about school being closed. My phone went off like six alerts for missing children around my area, from the jocks to the nerds. I closed my phone and headed off again the strange feeling came crawling up my back, the same I got from last night that left me restless. Once I got home and went straight to my room, the feeling wouldn’t leave of someone watching my every move. I had to investigate, was it some killer of kids, or a kid who wants revenge I wasn’t sure…I was curious though.

Once I kept my eyes open if that feeling will somehow go away I kept getting up and looking out my window and my door, then my closet and under my bed. I felt like a little child scared to sleep because of silly old monsters like the boggy man or bloody Mary after a dare know those are all fake. I have done this for hours on end yet nothing in sight, I had text a few friends but no response,I was worried. I later checked the list of missing kids, almost all of them were my friends and a few bullies, I was worried and getting a bit scared just yesterday we were all laughing and joking about old stories that we heard, like the little girl who was found in a butcher shop with no eyes or heart, she was scratched everywhere. We got pictures from the internet knowing they were just a Halloween prop or Photoshop, were we wrong? It was dark I headed to my switch to turn it one but nothing, I cussed under my breath as I wondered if it was a power outage. I soon grabbed my flashlight after feeling something pull at my feet as I hurried to my bed and sat there, hearing a whisper say,” heartless…” Over and over, was it because I joked or what but it just echos in my mind over and over I swear I was going insane. I looked over to my laptop grabbing it and quickly plugging it in forgetting about the black out but it worked as it powered on and started. An old window’s laptop wasn’t much help as I quickly went onto the internet and typed in ‘ ghost whispering heartless’ I searched but from a loud clash from my kitchen I set down my laptop and ran off to see what happened, hoping it wasn’t the vase full of my mother’s ashes. I stared at the broken glass of jars and cups and plates, someone had opened my cupboards and tear down everything from the shelves, I heard another noise from my room. I ran as fast as I could to see… Nothing…I quickly went back to my laptop and scrolled but soon my computer stopped,” DAMN LAPTOP!” I yelled seeing how slow it was. My phone started to light up with messages and has a window popped on my computer saying heartless as did the messages. I close don’t laptop and hurried to my flashlight and turned it on as it flickered in the dark room.

I saw a hand reach up the wall by the window, I hurried to it with my emergency bat. I soon saw a red cape flowing once the window flew open then the curtains shut leaving a cold breeze and a dark room. I cussed under my breath with my low battery flashlight and hurried off downstairs I was being haunted my a ghost no-no-no…A demon, I continued any search for flashlight or battery but I stopped, staring at my was that red Hood girl with an evil grin, she had no eyes, her skin was pale, black looking hair hidden in the dark and her red cloak around her body,” why…So…Heartless” she whispered as I heard cracking of bones as she lunged at me. I ran off tossing Everything behind me that would stop her as she ran on her legs and arms. All I heard was whispers in my head yelling heartless over and over. I heard a cop car pull up, what a relief, turned out I was yelling like crazy without even knowing and got a noise complaint. As the door flew open a few cops came in aiming their flashlights as me. I was so happy,” thank God your here!” I cheered as I pointed to the ghost to my side,” do you see her!” I spoke but nothing was said,” we’ll have to ask you to calm down, have you had any drugs or alcohol at all sir?” The cop asked going up to me, I shook my head,” no! I haven’t! I’m so young, now kill that thing!” I yelled pointing to the girl but once I looked over she was gone,” sir we’ll have to bring you to a doctor this is very unhealthy, your home is a mess like you pulled everything off the tables” the cop spoke. I couldn’t believe it, he didn’t believe me… But that’s just in, I’ve been stick in this hospital for ten years and no one yet belives me! Please! I’m not insane, I asked all the doctors to get me out but they think I’m insane, please tell me…She is real…And I beg you, Don’t laugh about the red hooded girl who died in the butcher shop… She’ll find you…. And she’ll kill your friends then she’ll kill you…And I swear…She will take your heart!

  • Ember.Lumines

    Cool 🙂

  • Ivan-Is-Dead

    I liked the story, but I am still very confused? Who the he’ll is Charlie?

  • Konner

    Why did you cluster it all? It’s all in 5 paragraphs.