Cannibal Within

Police Report: Mentally insane woman escaped from asylum. It is reported that all staff members are dead or have gone insane themselves. No trace of the woman has been found.

-Five years earlier-

Ms. Jones was a shy middle-aged woman with two children; one 12 and one 9. She was said to be a wonderful mother and a kind woman to everyone in her town. She was a single mother and mainly kept to herself. Her children were the same as well, they were good mannered and shy. But on a peculiar Monday morning her youngest, Timmy Jones, awoke to a startling sight. There was a blood trail leading from his bedroom to the kitchen.

Timmy got up from his bed and followed the trail. His brother and him shared a room, and his brother was not there. He made it to the bottom of the stairs. As he was about to turn the corner, he heard the sound of his mother laughing. But this was no ordinary laugh, it sounded maniac like. He followed the laughter into the kitchen, where he found his brother lying dead on the floor. His entrails were scattered all around his body, his eyes balls were missing, his entire bottom jaw was gone as well. Then he saw his mother, Ms. Jones, with a chunk of his brothers flesh in her mouth. She stared into Timmy’s eyes, munching on her own child. The only words she said to Timmy in that moment was, “I wonder what you taste like…” Then she lunged at Timmy, knife in her hand.

Timmy ran to the front door, but he was too short to reach the door knob. He was pinned, unable to escape his lunatic mother. His last thought was of being with his brother again. Then Ms. Jones stuck the knife into his chest, straight into his heart.

“Shhh, quiet little one, mommy is going to taste your flesh now.”

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