Bresal’s Beast

Dia dhuit, or “Hello” to you English speakers. My name is Bresal O’Sullivan from Inistioge, Ireland. This is a story I have never told a single soul, ’cause I fear “it” may go after my wife and children. However, my story must be told, to warn the people of Inistioge.

I was walking home one later summer evening after a hard day of working in the fields. I was bringing some of the freshly grown crops to my family. We haven’t eaten in days, so it was important for me to bring the crops home. I was about a quarter of the way home when I heard a strange sound, almost like heavy breathing. I scanned the area, but there’s was no living being in sight. I continued home. I thought the sound was just in my head, for I haven’t had much sleep due to my children, screaming and crying in hunger. I took a few more steps and the sound grew closer, but I was still under the impression that it wasn’t real.

I believed this until I felt some kind of liquid drip on to my face. I quickly wiped it off, but then noticed the colour of the liquid. Red. Blood red. At this point I knew that this wasn’t water, but instead it was human blood.

Most people would run in this situation, however, I am a curious man. I turned around slowly, and what I saw was terrifying. I saw a brown creature. it had fangs the size of bananas, matted fur, limbs that were long and thin, and this monster stood at about ten feet tall. I stared at it for a moment. “Fiacla Uafásach”, I muttered. It then roared. The beast had heard me.

I began to sprint towards my home. Terror filled my body as the stench of death and wet fur grew closer. I could run fast, I was the fastest man of my town, but this beast had legs about half the height of my body, so it was faster than I am.

I was chased until I arrived at the old forest, when I finally lost sight of the hellish creature. I was exhausted from running, an I soon passed out. I was awoken by the sound of howling about a half an hour later. I opened my eyes to find I was surrounded by a pack of Fiacla Uafásaches, and all of them looked like they were starving. I let out a terrified screech, I began to regret shortly after.

The sound irritated the famished beasts, causing them to attack me. The razor sharp fangs ripped the flesh from my bones as I continued to scream in pain. The largest creature then snapped its jaws around throat, crushing it instantly. Then, everything went black. I knew what had happened. This story that I have told you was about how I, Bresal O’Sullivan, was mauled to death by the Fiacla Uafásaches. This story was of my last days on Earth.

  • Quincy Vanderwouden

    You tried

    • Zach Johnson

      The picture he used to show off the beast looks like a failed Pixar animation. But overall the story was kind of dumb in my opinion. I hate when people write “I know this because that was me getting mutilated”. It’s just so stupid.

  • PixelC

    That awkward moment when you wasted 3-4 hours writing a garbage story

    • Ray Ramirez

      I enjoyed this story, the ending kind of throws you off though. It wasn’t garbage, and don’t let bad comments discourage you. Keep writing, I look forward to see what else you can come up with. I gave it 4 stars.

    • SkullNboNes

      Don’t he discouraged, just keep writing and work on profecting your skills. Try to work on continuity, detail, and grammar and you’ll be fine.