Asylum Seeker [ Part 01 ]

I was a young boy , around 12 and my family had just moved to a small house in Britain , They never told me where we had moved . After a few weeks of living there I heard long ghost-like screams throughout the night , my freind Kaie was visiting and at around 11 pm he told me we should investigate the screams . I assumed he was joking at first but he said it again . He was serious .

When he said it instead of the screams I heard laughter . I sat up and asked “You can’t be serious .” Hoping that  he would reconsider . He immediately snapped back with a mocking tone “You’re to scared to !” And he broke into laughter . I felt ashamed even though I was just being cautious as to what it could be creating that sound .

In fear of looking like his assumption . I said Immediately for us to go in the morning whilst our mothers work . He accepted my offer and he went immediately to sleep . Just like something was making him say to go there , it intrudged me . I tried to wake him up but he was in a deep sleep . I tried to fall asleep aswell but I couldn’t thinking what was it that we would find . . .

The next morning , my freind Kaie was gone . The window was open and as i leant out to see the ground there was a small trail of blood leading into the forest , I swiftly got dressed along with my torch and bag .

I ran out the door following the trail of blood , as I got further into the forest . The denser the blood trail got untill i was presented with a gate towering over me , the rusted metal bars covered in blood opened with a loud screech . I covered my ears as the wildlife ran in all directions .I stared at what appeared to be behind the gate , an old abandoned asylum which made day change to night and just seeing it could give you nightmares .

Between the two middle columns upon the third floor I saw Kaie , staring at me with a blank facade . The ground rumbled vigirously as a bolt of lightning struck the left coulumn sending a flash of light trouought the third floor and he suddenly vanished . I wanted to return but as I turned a gloomy figure watched over me , breathing hevily upon me . I swiftly ran into the asylum as the figure’s stamping footseps chased after me . As he slowly fell behind four more gloomy monsters with human-like figures wearing some sort of uniform were alerted . They slowly creeped over . But then . A loud screach came from the first floor , then Kaie’s voice followed “Help! They’re ‘gonn-” his voice got cut off .

Suddenly , all of the monsters rushed in the direction of the stairs , I saw my opportunity and ran in the opposite direction . I ended up in a security room with eight moniters , three for the ground floor , two for the first floor , one for the second floor and two for the third . I saw the monsters run up the stairs , moving towards where the scream took place . I pressed the red button on the the main desk to see what it did . There was silence then a loud screeching sound created by the door slowly shutting .

I hid under one of the desks and pushed some nearby boxes twards me so they couldn’t see me if they came back . In the corner of my eye i spotted a dented small mirror , I reached over and pucked it up . But in the mirror i saw only a empty stray jacket and no me . I dropped the mirror wich finished off what ever happened to it , the glass spread across the chekerboard floor under the desk .

There came creeking from the stairs , as if a child was running down them . Whatever it was ran into the room I was in . As soon as he slipped in the door shut and the magnetic seal was engaged , I grabbed one of the mirror shards to spot what had entered . I may aswell know what I’m trapped with . I looked at the reflection and I spotted Kaie , he was bleeding from his arm . The blood rushed down his arm and hit the floor , I kicked the boxes out alerting him of my presence , he spotted me and swiftly slid under the desk . We could both comfortably fit in , he slid the boxes covering up the entrance . I questioned him ” Kaie ! Why did you leave out the window and come here ? ” I slowed my breathing so I could hear his responce . “I just woke up here at the third floor , I ran down here because theese monsters came for me !” We calmed down and just waited out the rest of the tine we were here , We hoped someone would find us.

What happened was very different . . .

  • Justin

    cant wait for more

  • PvssyPopper96

    This is garbage, did a 4 year old write it?

    • Justin

      i thought it wasnt bad

    • wifey30

      Drop dead.

  • Simon

    Cohesive plot? Who needs that crap anyway?