Mirror Fog

Have you ever just get out of a shower and notices that your mirror was covered in fog? Of course you have, and some of you may have quickly wiped off the fog with your hand or maybe even left it there and walked out the room, but have you ever just took your time to look at the object on the other side of the mirror? If you have you can stop reading this because you already know what happens, but if you haven’t, you’re in for a treat. Before you start, let me note that I am not responsible for what happens next.

Make sure the bathroom is dark, no lights but the fog has to be there, and bring a weapon. Also, you might not want to be alone. Next, close the bathroom door and if you did bring someone with you keep them on the outside of the bathroom. Then, place your RIGHT hand on the center of the mirror. Keep your hand there and stare into the foggy mirror until you see what seems to be your reflection. Once you see it remove your hand but keep looking at the object of what appears to be your reflection, if you stop now no telling what may happen to you, but it won’t be good.

Anyway, you will see that the fog is disappearing and you can see the object more clearly. Once the fog in the mirror clears, you’ll see why I told you to bring a weapon, and if that doesn’t work, scream for the person outside the bathroom to let you out, because your reflection left with the fog… Which means the other thing in the mirror came with the fog, and it’s in the bathroom with you. If you happen to scream for your partner to let you out and he or she fails to do so, whatever is in the bathroom with you will try to kill you, or at least take you in the mirror and replace you. If that happens, I cannot help you, however if you do get out, close the bathroom door as quickly as possible and do not look back. If anyone asks you what happened in there you simply tell them that my reflection died. Which is true.

No matter what they do to persuade you to tell, don’t… Or the beast that killed your reflection will also kill them. Also what comes with doing the mirror fog challenge is that you will no longer have a reflection. If you look into any kind of mirror all you should see is the objects behind you. If you see your reflection note that you died in that bathroom and are now in the mirror realm and you will notice that everything is doing the opposite of what they normally do. Which means you are now a reflection of what your life used to be. You will also die over and over reliving the day you died in the bathroom.

  • XpQ

    Has anyone actually tried this???

  • Stephanie Reynolds

    This seemed kind of interesting until the end where it gave the impression of a 10 year old telling a lie. “And then this happened and then that, and, and…and also this. And also that.”