Alone in the Dark

Sometimes, when the weather has significant changes; Rain, hail, heatwave they can also have a big say on how your day goes.

Fog however is a little bit different. Don’t you ever get scared or paranoid someone is following you and watching your every move? Well when its foggy outside… it’s very hard to spot a car with bright lights so imagine how hard it must be trying to spot a figure.

My name is Gordan and this is a quick message to anyone reading this.

Two days ago was a very cold and insanely foggy day, as a matter of fact it was so foggy the radio stations informed drivers to stay inside, and most people did just that. Unfortunately for me I had to still walk to the local library as I had a test at School that next day. I arrived at the library at 4:30PM leaving me two hours before it starts to get dark.

When I start walking home, the fog as gotten much worse as I can hardly see anything ahead of me.

At some point I must have took the wrong turn as I ended up in a small area called “Adley Park”. This place had a horrible reputation for being a dangerous, dirty and creepy area as a lot of strange things occurred in this little area.

It was pretty Obvious to me that I was completely lost, and hoping that someone was nice enough to help I tried searching around to see if I could ask anybody for directions home.

This spooky place was like a ghost town with nobody insight, but although no one was insight, it definitely felt as if someone was watching me.

Not long after this I saw a rather weird looking figure walking backwards and forwards repeatedly. This figure appeared to have a massive hooded cloak of some sort covering the whole body, making it impossible to see whether its a man, woman or something else.

After being stood still for about two minutes just watching this figure, I decide to go back the other way as I was already freaked out, little did I know this journey was about to get even more spooky.

After moving quickly in the opposite direction for about a minute, what looked like an exact same replica of this figure was once again walking backwards and forwards. At this point I am really frightened and just want to get home so I decide to sneak past the figure but the second I took a step closer, the figure stopped moving completely and just stayed still for a few seconds before slowly turning towards me. With freakishly long arms, legs and head, I came to the conclusion that what ever that figure was couldn’t be human.

At this moment we are just staring directly at each other and I start moving backwards in the opposite direction and the second I move a muscle, he darts straight towards me with his horrifying looking arms reaching straight for my face. Running away would have been pointless as he was moving at a speed no car could ever reach and after being lifted of the ground by this figure I looked into its eyes and just see pure black eye balls with pale white skin and black liquid pouring out of the eye sockets. The figure, choking me with its horrible long fingers, throws me to the floor, I scream at the figure to “GET THE F**K AWAY FROM ME!” But screaming and my fear just seemed to make it even angrier.

When he eventually stopped attacking me it just stood still again glaring straight at me before pulling its hood off… the sight of what I saw was indescribable, and passed out from how scared I was.

The next morning I woke up in a hospital bed with my mom, dad and brother Tom standing around me. “Oh hunny thank goodness your awake how are you feeling?” asked my mom. “I feel okay,” I replied.

I was very freaked out and spooked about what happened on that night but it had seemed to be over so I tried to forget about it.

Later on that night, I jump in bed after feeling very tired and restless I close my eyes… but… I get that crazy feeling again… the feeling that someone is watching me.

  • Tedi Malekian

    This is why you gotta be carrying some google maps

  • wifey30

    Wow… How does this have so Many stars?! Work on your spelling, please.