The Fearscape and How to See It

Author’s Note: Do it at your own risk!

The Fearscape as we call it is the world that exist right in front of us, however though it may exist among us our brains are not wired to see it. Now don’t get me wrong there are ways to see and even interact with the Fearscape but at the same time to do so would result with something coming through to our side. Examples of the Fearscape includes Grister, Snatchers, Watchers, Shadow People, and even Slender Man. there are even more examples but I’m just naming off the things which have come through to our side.

Over history people have attempted to interact with and even prove of the existence of the Fearscape, I’m sure you’ve heard of The Harbinger Project, or even Happy Puppet Syndrome, another example of beings coming through from the Fearscape would be the Russian Sleep Experiment. Those 3 incidents are just few of many times where beings from the Fearscape have come through to our side.

Some details on what the Fearscape is would be that place you see out the corner of your eye but never get a good look at. You can even see some of it after staying up long enough. There’s a reason we sleep and one of those would be our body’s keeping us from going there, even when we are unaware of its existence our brains are smart enough to protect us from it. Now at this point you probably think the Fearscape is deadly no matter how you view it, with this thought you would be wrong. There are ways to view the Fearscape safely.

For instants babies and certain animals are capable of seeing the Fearscape safely without harm, you as an adult or curious teen can view this nightmare realm from the safety of your house. To do this you will need 4 mirrors, a basement with no windows and a door, another thing is that the basement must be a perfect or near perfect square, next you will need an oil lantern to hang in the center of your basement, make sure you have a lighter as well and make sure to check the lantern. remember if things go wrong that lantern will be the only thing keeping the Fearscapers on their side of reality.

When you have the right items you want to set up the mirrors each on their own separate wall so that they all intercept with each other. Next your going to want to hang the lantern from the ceiling in the center of the room, remember to keep the lighter on you and make sure you check the oil in both the lighter and the lantern, if one of those fail you will suffer dismemberment and even death. What when I said safety of your house I meant your house is safe but what you may or may not let in, Fearscapers are known to be hostile so you also may want to have some sort of weapon on you as well in case they come through.

Keep in mind when in the Fearscape they can’t hurt you but they will be able to hurt you if they come back with you. Once everything in your basement is set up you would want to head to the center of the room, make sure you don’t turn off the light. your basement light will allow you to see in the Fearscape. Once you go to the center of the basement you want to look at all 4 mirrors starting at the North mirror, than the East mirror, than the South mirror than the West mirror, if you see your self in the center of all 4 mirrors look back at the north mirror and stare at it.

Once you’ve seen your self in the center of all 4 mirrors you will see movement out of the corner of your eye. Don’t look at it, if you do you’ll have to start all over. The movement you see out of the corner of your eye at this point will be your reality switching from yours to theirs.

Next your going to want to keep looking into the mirror for 3 minutes, after that the walls of your basement will start to decay and maybe even break away. Don’t look away from the mirror at this point, if you do you’ll be trapped here and trust me you don’t want that, the things in this part of the process want you to be trapped there so they will try to approach you, but they can only hurt you if you look away from the mirrors. The things in this part will attempt to get between you and the mirror if they do ignore them. The only power they have is the power you give them, if you show fear they will kill you. I would give a description of these creatures but they look different to everyone, to some people they look like clowns while to others they look like disfigured humanoids or shadows. if after 2 minutes you’ve managed to ignore them your basement will be engulfed by darkness. Don’t move, if you do, well no one knows what happens if you move, maybe the darkness swallows you, or maybe you get through out of time and space. All you can do is keep looking in the same direction you were from the start.

After 30 seconds a light will appear above you and you will find yourself in a nightmarish landscape. The mirrors will be standing up straight where you placed them despite the walls being completely gone. something else you may notice is your lantern hanging from the nonexistent ceiling. At this point feel free to walk around however it will be wise to stay with in the mirrors. those mirrors are the only things keeping the beings away. The Fearscape may look different depending on where you are, sometimes it may look like a jungle with black vines hanging from dead trees and ash falling like snow. other people might find themselves in caves or tunnel systems full of bones and rusted metal. creatures you will see in the Fearscape are humanoid in appearance but at the same time with grotesque features and maybe even mutations, things like a 7 foot tall man with no eyes and needle like fangs over lapping his lips hunched over on all fours beside a mirror watching you as you move. Another entity seen is a humanoid covered with burns, its arms touching the ground despite it standing up straight, the right side of its head hanging down fused with it should as the gaping hole where it’s jaw should have been slowly filling with razor teeth extending from the back of its mouth.

Other things people have reported seeing in the Fearscape include shadow people with burning red eyes, a large ape like creature with brown fur a vertical mouth caked with blood from its neck to its lower chest. Another entity seen was described as a blond-haired lady wearing a white wedding dress, she’ll have her back to you but after a while she’ll turn around. Some people who have seen her turn around have described her appearance as multiple people stitched together into a walking nightmare while others say described her as fear itself. But those are just the reported life forms, there’s no telling what else awaits you in the Fearscape.

Now what you don’t want to do at anytime is tease the beings in the Fearscape. if you leave them alone by staying at least 2 feet from them they will leave you alone, how ever if you break that 2 foot distance at anytime they will follow you back through to your reality. One man who teased what we refer to as a Screamer, he approached it acting as if he was going to touch it. After that he than proceed it light the lantern in the center of the room, that’s right you don’t know this yet, lighting the lantern is the only way to leave the Fearscape. He lit the lantern expecting everything to go back to normal but he saw its reflection in the mirror behind him. The normal looking human he saw in the Fearscape was in the corner of his room its face splitting open revealing hundreds of razor like teeth lining the hollow mass that was its head. He was never seen again but from what the police found in the basement of his house he must have put up some kind of a fight.

I believe this WARNING should be in the title but like most rituals try this at your own risk. Sometimes the things you see in the Fearscape choose to follow you back. If you break the 2 foot distance between you and them they take it that your inviting them to your side of reality and follow you back. If you pull a weapon on them in the Fearscape unprovoked they will follow you back through thinking you want to fight them. The best thing to do when in the Fearscape is be safe and view them from a distance not getting to close to them, remember these things rarely ever see humans and they are just as curious as you are, but where you want to know what they look like they may want to know how you taste, they are monsters after all.

  • Colton Chiasson

    Good read. Much potential. Maybe proofread a bit though, and read it aloud to yourself? There are a few errors, and the pace at around the middle becomes a ramble. Liked it, though.