About The Rower

Description: He is covered in dirt from when he was buried alive. One of his eyes came out when being smashed by his uncle and the other eye turned black with a red pupil. His voice is groggy because he choked on his blood enough that it made his throat so scratched that it is permanent.

Birth name: Timothy Jones.

Height: 5’ 6”

Age: 16

Hair color: Salt and pepper but is stained with blood and there is so very little white that you might not notice that it is salt and pepper hair.

Favorite color: I think blood is a color.

Nick name: Paddler.

Best friend: Slenderman.

Biggest theory: Slenderman doesn’t kidnap children and kill them. He kidnaps children from abusive parents and gives them to LJ (Laughing Jack) for his circus.

Favorite TV show: Does Marble Hornets count?

Sleeps: 1:00 pm-when ever it gets dark.

Favorite hour: 3:00 am.

Worst enemy: Zalgo.

Favorite weapon: Well, what the f**k do you think?

Favorite saying: “PREPARE TO NEVER WAKE UP.”

Hates: When Jeff sowes his mouth shut when he sleeps.

Biggest crush: No one. What’s the point of loving someone when you know they will never love you back?

Replies to: Paddler, Rower, Tim, Timmy, Timothy, and Jones.

Extra things that might be important: When he arrived at the mansion, Sally basically adopted him and now Jeff feels abandoned and every now and then tries to kill him.

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