1 out of 6

I awoke to the sound of breathing across from me. I looked around the room that I had been contained in, and could see a table in front of me. On the table was two guns, both revolvers that appeared to be .357’s. On the table was two bullets, one next to each gun. I could see the person in front of me was a female, sleeping. She had blonde hair and a beautiful face. I looked closer and began to see more details. My heart began to race, beating faster than normal. In front of me was my girlfriend, Beth.

“Beth!” I spoke in a hushed voice. “Bethany!?” She moved, revealing her beautiful blue eyes.

“Jack?!” She spoke, scared at the sight of me in front of her.

“Yeah, yeah its me.”

“Where are we…”

“I don’t know.” As soon as I replied to her, a door opened. A male and female, both very good looking and wearing dark colors. We watched as the man and woman approached us and the tables.

“How you guys doing?” The man asked, as if it was a normal day as him and the girl picked up the guns and loaded the bullet into the cylinder.

“Who in the hell are you…” I asked, watching him load the gun.

“None of your business. You just need to know the rules of the game we’re about to play. I’m gonna ask a series of questions. Each being a true or false. Your girlfriend will get to answer first, and you get the leftover answer. Whoever had the wrong answer, will have the trigger pulled, bringing them closer to their demise, until at a random moment, one will die.” The man said, closing the cylinder to the revolver. He spun the cylinder and pointed the gun at my head, the girl doing the exact same for Beth.

“First question. Mosquitoes are the leading killer in the United States. Beth, true or false?”

“T… false…” Beth answered, her voice quivering.

“Final answer?” The woman asked.

“Yes…” The woman pulled the trigger, a click sounding as the woman pull the hammer back.

“Wrong. Next question. Based on 2016 news data from the Atlantic, Boko Haram is the deadliest terrorist group in the world, true or false?”

“True…” Beth answered, as she began to cry. Next to my ear, the sound of a hammer pushing forward went off, as the man pulled the hammer back right afterwards. Beth started to cry some more.

“Don’t worry Beth, we’re gonna get out of this together. Me and you. Us.” I spoke, trying to reassure her, knowing that she didn’t believe me.

“Next. The most common suicide method is hanging. True or false?” The male asked.

“True… it has to be…” Beth answered, her sobbing lighter than before. The woman pulled the trigger, the sound of a click happening. She pulled the hammer back.

“Next. The second leading killer in the United States is murder. True or false?”

“True… no false. It’s wild animals I think…” Beth answered, scared as she stared into my eyes as I stared back. I loved seeing her beautiful blue eyes. Her amazing blonde hair that I just couldn’t forget. I loved her with all my life, and she said she had felt the same. I watched her, burning the picture of her beautiful face into my memory. The sound of an explosion shot from the females gun. Beth’s body went limp as my face got splattered with blood and brain matter.

“Beth!!” I screamed, my voice cracking emotionally as I watched her body go limp and the wall get painted with blood. The man set down the gun on the table, picked up the girl while laughing. He walked out of the room, carrying the girl in his arms, closing the door behind him. My eyes began to leak with tears as I stared at Beth’s lifeless body. The metal restraints around my wrist were released. But I didn’t get up, instead I sat there and stared at her lifeless blue eyes. She allowed herself to die for me. She knew that the most common suicide method was by a firearm. I looked up, and realized something. They had left the gun in there, a bullet loaded in the cylinder. Funny thing is, the second most common suicide method is firearms for everybody, it was mainly men.

  • Jiwanshu Verma

    The ending sentence made no sense. Other than that, it was kinda creepy. 9/10.