Renegade Angel of Oblivion – Chapter 1: Remembrance

I wake up in a cell, but my vision is blurry and it’s freezing. I swear there’s black mold in here, the fumes are horrible. I notice that my arms are chained to the wall, but it feels like they’re loose. I yank the chains and hear something start to slide. I pull harder, feeling as if I’m pulling bricks out of the wall. One more hard tug and the bricks break loose from the wall, shattering as they hit the cement floor. The chains are still attached to my arms, but it’s no bother.

I quickly look for a way out and I see a crack in the wall. There’s a room on the other side. I find a nearby cement block. I pick it up and chuck it at the wall, the crack gets a bit bigger and branches off some. I repeat the clarion a few more times and finally there is a hole big enough to fit though. I crawl through the whole and see a big computer and several desks and laptops. I walk over to the computer and try to find something that will help me figure out who I am. I power on the computer and search the program files.

After searching aimlessly for minutes on end, I find a folder titled “The Unstable Criminal”. I open it up and then the file inside of it. This is what it reads, “Criminal Name: Corey V. Renegade; Crime Committed: 27 Counts of 3rd degree Murder, 6 counts of 3rd degree Manslaughter, 15 counts of Arson…” The list goes on and on but it says that I got brainwashed and was supposed to be released 5 days from now with a new identity. I didn’t know I was a serial killer, but oh well.

In the room there is a box of evidence. I walk over to it and open it up. The first thing I see is a book used for Oblivious Magic. I skim through it and all my memories and knowledge floods back to me. I was taking a walk in the woods, strange whispers echoed throughout the dark. The whispers got louder so I started running. I felt someone chasing after me. I reach a dead-end and before I could stop, I tripped and fell through the bushes into a clearing.

A strong purple glow shone through a strange rune carved into the ground in the middle of the clearing. A pedestal was erected forth from the ground as I approached the center. A strange pair of gauntlets lie upon the pedestal. I walk over to them, I can’t turn back no matter how hard I tried. I pick them up and slide them on. The mesh constricts to my hands painfully. I can’t take them off. “What the hell is happening!” I said worried and confused.

My mind floods with madness and insanity. Rage in my consciousness becomes wired and unstable. My eyes fill up to a solid black and my pupils burst out a blood-red. My body starts to rise up into the air. Black scaled armor manifest around my chest and clings to me. Darkened black greaves manifest around my legs and clings to me. A black shrouded cloak ejects from out the rune and wraps itself around me, clinging to my every last nerve to the point where I can’t feel anything anymore.

Then when I think it’s all over, a pitch black mass shrouds around my head and swiftly wraps around my lower face covering it. It’s tightening too much like it’s molding into my skin. The mask begins to grow teeth, the Teeth sharpen to the point where they’re sharper than razors. My taste was bloodthirsty. I fell to the ground. I try to regain my footing as it starts to pour down rain.

I walk out of the forest clearing and onto the path back to the city. After an hour of trekking through the path I finally reached the city. People are walking along minding their own business. A woman who walked by saw me and ran away screaming. So I tried to walk out but so many people saw me and they started charging at me. I quickly put my hood up and run to the nearest alley and end up at a dead-end. They start closing in with knives and bats, but miraculously I feel a door behind me an open it up, tumble in, and shut it behind me.

The room I was in was an abandon gunsmith and blacksmith shop. Oddly enough all the crafting materials were still here and loads of them to. “Well what a coincidence.” I said to myself in a deep and evil tone, I spend hours on the perfect blade, lily curved, serrated teeth, stainless titanium-steel, laced with a lethal poison. It was a beauty. Next I had to work on my gun. Many hours of work and it’s finally complete. Remington R51, integrated silencer, 20 round mag ( 9×19mm parabellum), glow in the dark iron sights, laser sight with customized predator laser. Once I was done I waste no time. I open my door and then…

It’s all hard to remember anything after that but after a long flashback I finally equip all my gear. I feel natural, like I’m me again. The only thing left in the box was the gauntlets, my gun and my blade. I slip on my gauntlets, fight through my transformation, and now… I have revenge to get. I am determined to do what I know is rightful and moral. I walk into the middle of the cell and trace a circle, then the symbol of oblivion. I start chanting a spell. “Dark realm of oblivion, teleport me out of this prison and into a better place!” I then smash the ground with my gauntlet and a portal opens in front of me. I walk through it. This begins my story of Revenge.

  • Puddin Tane

    Could use some editing. Otherwise, a good start for a promising story. Look firward to readung more.