Windy from Hell – Part 5

Hello everyone I have an update since I last spoke with you. Before I get into anything so far the creature known as windy. Have not followed me home since that day. Either way I’m still on edge hoping that it never gets to that point where they’re it finds me. Before I get ahead of myself I want to talk about some research that I did.

About Windy’s restaurants. And try to make sense on where this creature had came from. As most people know the first Windy’s opened in November 15th 1969. But what they don’t know was it was built on a satanic cult site. Before they built the restaurant. There was an old abandoned church we’re most cultist let go there. To sacrifice animals in humans and worship Satan.

The last Satanic ritual that was there. Was busted by the police. As they were in the middle of a summoning ritual to try to resurrect a demon. A demon that is said to be far more powerful than Satan himself. So as the officer is dragged some of the worshippers away the head priest of the Cults. Said these last words before he was read his rights. We have to close the gate the gates cannot remain open for too long. After he said those words later on that night in his cell.

He was found dead. Gutted like a fish and hang by his own intestines. With both his eyes gouged out and his tongue removed from his mouth. And on the wall written in his own blood. Where the words that are seen today. Will you play with me. Authorities were baffled because no one could have gotten into that cell for he was in solitary confinement.

So after a cult leader’s death. The old abandoned church was torn down. And a Windy’s restaurant had took its place.

And that’s when the windy demon started to make her appearance. You only thought the recent killings were the first. No the killings started when Windy’s went into business. And there has been files of people back in that day who saw the same demonic little girl who took the shape of the Windy’s logo. Also I dig into the archives of every place that I can find that carry the history of every missing person. And every single murder victim. You will be surprised how many people covered this up well at least tried and never thought that anyone would find out.

Until now anyway. What really bothers me is why they try to cover this up if they knew. That this monster existed. Unless they did not want to cause a panic or less they were paid off the keep it quiet so no one will have to know. Either way it’s all f****d up. Trying to keep something like this a secret when they know that it would rear its ugly head again.

So far that’s all I have gotten. And I’m going to try to go back to that old abandoned place out in the woods tried to make more sense of this insanity. And try to stop this monster from killing again or die trying. Whatever the consequences might be I don’t care all I know is. There is something out there killing innocent people. And if there’s no one else out there to stop it I sure the f**k will.

That’s all I have to say for now. And I will try to keep you updated more on the subject. If I’m not dead first. Until I’ve right again. Stay safe out there and always watch your back. And may the love of God be with you all. Because I know we all will need it especially now.