I understand, windows are fragile and break easily, but, I… can’t… Stop staring at him, my mind is dazed and I, I still don’t understand, why he’s here trying to break my window.

I don’t know what to do, I can’t move as I feel… as the look in his eyes are filled with emotion of: anger, sadness, madness, those are what I see, and like prey I can only wait until he until he breaks the window.

Not a moment later, the poor window smashed into pieces. “It-it… broke?” I looked at the scene with confusion. “The-the window, shards are… broken… Skin… Blood… His, mine?”

It was the strangulation that brought my senses back, “I get it now.” I laughed, as I finally understood that this man just wanted to kill me. “Oh.” I expressed mildly amused, “so this is what you wanted?” I pushed him down, securing my position as I got on top of him.

“Silly boy, you could have knocked.” I teasingly chastised. “Now I will have to be punished.” I pouted, as I tased him. It was until his body went lip that I finally left his side and into the pantry where my favorite toys are store.

“Now, now.” I mounted him again. “We have all night.” I cooed, as he struggled a little, “Oh, I know, you want first pick don’t you?” I smiled at him as his body twitched in turn. “Now, which, of this cute toys, do you prefer?” I squealed in delight. “Scissors? Gun? Or…” I giggled. “Me?” I asked but his silence really didn’t help much. I guess if he pisses himself he wants…

“I get it.” I nodded impatiently, as he peed himself, “then…” I smiled, as I went to the kitchen and picked up some duck tape. “Bon appetit.” I told him.

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    That really didn’t make any sense man