It was about 2 months after my sister’s husband had passed. I decided to get her out of the house and on a plane with me for a vacation. I told her we would have a great time. Instead this happened.


“Ready? We have to leave in an hour.”

“Why can’t I stay home?”

“Because you need to do more than blame yourself,” I pursed my lips.

We drove around 30 km to the airport. Being in the sun felt good. We arrived quickly and waited 40 minutes before hopping on the plane. Taking off not long after. The plane ride was about 6 to 8 hours. You can’t really keep track of time when your sleeping. My sister stayed awake the entire time. Thinking.

Grabbing our luggage and immediately the sun hit our eyes stepping out the airport.

“Not used to this much warmth and heat.”

“No kidding. Canada is a cold a*s place in the winter.”

For the first time since her husbands passing she smiled. I got a warmer feeling than before. Let’s grab our rental car and explore I thought. Just then my sister had an outburst. It was weird. She just collapsed and started screaming. This has never happened before.

“Are you okay?!”

“What happened?” she sounded tired.

“Do you wanna rest at the hotel for a while?”


1 hour later

“I’m going out for a bit okay? Call me if you need something.”

My sister murmured something. All I heard was a faint thanks. I hopped in the car and drove to a mall not far from the hotel. I got a vibration from my phone and pulled over.



“Are you okay? Do you need something?”

Silence once again.


The phone hung up.

“What the f**k was that?”

I went to the mall. She must have been tired to speak. She’ll be okay. I walk out the mall to the car and as soon as I turn it on. Another phone call.

“Ok what is it this time? Are you gonna be a prankster again?” I heard slight static from the other side.

“What do you mean? I have been sleeping the whole time.”

I said I was joking and hung up. She could have easily sleep called me. She slept walked all the time as a kid. I was told to never interfere with a sleep-walker. It could cause a coma.

Driving back to the hotel I once again am called.

“Hi. Need something?”


“Ughhh.” I hung up. Another sleep call.

15 minutes later another ring. I try to hang up but I can’t. The b*****s wont work this time.


“The bird is calling from the east. Smell the sweet fragrance of the feather.”

The phone hangs up. Suddenly a bird hits the windshield. I scream and check on it. Still alive I have no choice but to put the guy aside.

I am not aware and have no idea what is going on the past hour and a half. I finally make it back to the hotel. I walk in the room and my sister is in the same position when I left. Weird. She usually moves lots. Maybe that bed is super comfy.

I wake my sister up. But she wont. Instead my sister comes out the washroom.

“Who is that? She looks like me.”

I get a sudden chill up my spine.

“Did you call me at all today?”

“No I just been sleeping this entire time. I woke up 5 minutes ago.”

“I got 3 calls from you though.”


I turn around and the woman who looked like my sister was suddenly gone. I have no idea what’s happening.

“I tried.”

“What did you try?”

“To talk to Mark.”


“Ouija board. But I thought I was talking to him. Turns out I am being followed around by a demon now.”

I stare out the window wondering what is happening.

“The only way I can live freely again is if I make a close relatives sacrifice.”

I turn around and she is gripping a kitchen knife with her wrist slit.

I see her body double stand next to her. Eyes white as pearls. Looking happy yet sinister. She walks up to me.

“I made another deal. I can be with Mark in hell if I did this!”

She stabs my gut before letting me drop to the floor.

“I’m sorry. I really am.” She walks to the door and slits her own throat. Crashing to the floor gasping for breath. I stare at her now lifeless body. I faint and fortunately wake on a hospital bed.

So that how I got these scars on me now. The only reminder of my sister after intense therapy of trying to forget her name. Her favourite music. Her one and only favourite… Sister. Her favourite perfume. Her favourite food. I still will always remember those images. But I will always remember the good times.

  • Smackhead

    Wanna know how I got these scars?!

  • Stephanie Reynolds

    I liked the concept, it was very interesting, just make sure to slow down, pay attention to grammar and proofread. Typos and bad punctuation are very distracting in a story. Also, slow down a bit, add details!