Where Am I

It’s dark, I can’t see. Where am I? Who am I? What am I? These words… I do not know them, but yet I somehow feel them. I do not know what they mean. I can barely move my hands and feet. My eyes! I cannot open them. What’s this? It is attached to my… I hear a voice, a woman’s voice. This Voice, it suits me, it… I don’t know. It makes me feel calm and happy. This Voice, I know I will always remember this Voice.

The Voice, it said something. It said it has been five months now. Five months since what? I kick this dark space to get the Voice’s attention. I feel something, it’s like a wall. The wall, something outside the wall is patting it. Is it the Voice? Does she know I’m here? Can she help me get out or take me out? Then a sudden thought crosses my mind. Did she put me in here? No, no she couldn’t have. Could she? I don’t have any answers to my questions. All of a sudden I feel another pat on the wall. This time it felt like something was trying to be gentle, gentler than the Voice. All I know that this new Thing is definitely not the Voice.

The Thing. I can hear him now, well it sounds like a him. I can’t hear the Thing as well as the Voice, but I can still hear him. Also, I hear other noises, not as well as the Thing and the Voice. Unlike the Thing and Voice they do not talk, more like outside noises? I do not know.

“To think it’s been six months now, just to think in four more months…” This is the Thing talking. It’s been a month since I heard the Voice say it’s been five months. Another question comes forward into my head. Four more months until what?

I- I heard the Th- Thing say only three more months. Three more months until what?! I kick the wall once again. Both the Voice and Thing pat the outside of the wall. The Thing tells the Voice good job. In return the Voice chuckles slightly and says he helped putting me in here. They did it? They put me in here? All of a sudden the Voice’s voice doesn’t make me feel happy or calm.

I swear. I swear they will regret putting me in here. I will get my freedom.

Three months later

The following is an article from the local newspaper:

Mysterious Death at Local Hospital

Yesterday at the Herman Johnson hospital, a horrific sight greeted hospital and service workers. The dead bodies of local couple Herbart and Mellisa Miller were found in the delivery room of the hospital, as well as the bodies of doctor Jacobs, one of the delivery doctors. What stunned the police more was that the Millers were having their baby son and the body was not found. On the records, it says the baby was a healthy one and his name was Jackson Miller Jr. On the west wall of the room, written in blood was:


Written by Mohamad205
Content is available under CC BY-SA

  • Ivory Moon

    That was good.
    Sick…. But in a good why
    I was picturing some one in a coffin….

  • Venga Boys

    Sounds like stewie