What Really Happened to the WaldenBuch Schule

So I realize lately people don’t read stories from others childhoods, but I-I have to tell someone. This happened when I was 13, and I was bullied badly. My life was a living hell even though no one saw. My dead black eyes would stare solemnly at the ground as my pale body shifted through the halls of my school. One day I was sitting in my favorite tree reading and hiding from the world when these 16 or 17-year-old surrounded the tree holding rocks in their hands. And I’m not talking about small rocks no… Rocks that would be used to bash someone’s skull in. The started chanting “she dies today, the witch dies now”  for several minutes and every time I tried to climb the tree and jump to another a huge rock was flung at me.

I was forced to stay still and cling desperately onto the tree. Suddenly the chanting stopped, and the rocks started flying.  I screamed out in pain as countless rocks hit me.  I felt I huge pain in my skull, and I fell off the tree. The last thing I saw then was a boy walking to me and whispered in my ear something in another language. I woke up an hour later tied to the tree. God how could I get out?? What the hell happened?? W-what did that boy say?? Thousands of questions ran through my mind, and I tried to get out desperately. I told the police that I was tied to a tree and finally managed to escape because I chewed the thin rope holding me back.

They said that a person or a cult member had ravaged the school killing everyone inside. My parents drove me home after a trip to the hospital after that they discovered I had been trying to commit suicide countless times. On the way back home though we all kept quite. My mum picked up some McDonald’s after seeing what I had done and being the amazing mother she was she wanted to help me get better, and she wanted me happy.

She was a good mum, and I do miss her, but I can’t see her anymore.  Anyway, on the way home I started to think about the murders, they never caught the murderer, but the found out that the weapon of the crime and a slim, sharp piece of glass sharpened to the tip. They also found the tree I was tied to followed by the rope. The interesting thing that made me smile madly was I lied about what I used to get out of the rope. Surely you had to have put the puzzle together now. No, I didn’t use my teeth, I used glass.

  • Vemu

    Sure…this one was simple and awesome…..

  • Vortex

    Too many “I”.
    Learn some synonyms. But pretty decent story 🙂

  • Rose Morrison

    Good premis, but very poorly written with the spelling mistakes, bad sentence construction, and general muddledness of the sentences. I agree also with Vortex, synonyms needed badly. With expansion and a good edit, could be very good.

  • Brandon Barrett

    Not sure what I just read and I don’t know what a waldenbulch schule is

  • Kayla

    Two stars. Predictable, rushed, and the grammar sounds like a twelve year old wrote it.