Welcome to Nexus

I’m sure you know about SCP, however what I’m about to tell you is going will make you see everything in a new way. First off introductions. My name is Agent Grey, I’m a clearance level 12 field agent with level 5 authority at the round table. And I bet you’re wondering why I mentioned SCP at the beginning, Well SCP calls on us when they can’t handle the problem, now to answer your next question the organization I work for is called Nexus and it’s been around a hell of a lot longer than SCP. and for proof of this Nexus records date back to 1889. How Nexus stayed hidden for so long is that they didn’t stay hidden at all, I’m sure you’ve heard of Illuminati, or maybe The Order, hell you also could have heard of Base 88. How we kept our organization hidden for so long is simple, we leaked documents without revealing the organization’s name at the top.

In fact one of the ways we managed to stay hidden so long is by covering up our leaked documents by falsifying CIA or FBI at the top of each paper. This document here how ever is the first leaked document that Nexus is going to own up to. But Nexus isn’t the only organization that kept hidden, I’m sure you haven’t heard of SCRD, CDF, Vanguard, AEF, or even Base 88. To give you some insight of those groups also go by Scarlet Centers for Research and Development, Continental Defense Force, and Advanced Enforcement Fed. I’m sure if you did enough digging around on the dark web you’d find an article or even a pay here for the AEF, they are Mercenaries after all.

The Continental Defense Force. This is probably my favorite, they have sleeper agents across the globe and every generation of soldiers they pick out a new select few to hire. The thing is that the CDF only gets involved in the event of a draft or if a planet wide threat emerges.

Vanguard, you know that military that protects this pope, well these guys protect the world from demons and other unholy things.

Base 88, these guys have a base under an air port but I’m not going to say where because I don’t really know where either. All I know is that some footage popped up online about how a team of marines carrying G36 assault rifles ran into an air port elevator. The incident was never shown on the news because Base 88 stopped it in time.

Next would be SCRD, you haven’t heard of them but you have heard of what they discovered. I’ll go down the list, Dark Matter, Aerogel, Gallium, Diamond Nano threads, Ferrofluid and even Meta materials. yes those are all right it’s just that my computer sees it at a spelling error because those are names of materials. I would say what those materials do but that would take a lot of explaining and I’m not really good with science.

Now on to Nexus HQ. If you’re wondering Nexus didn’t get its HQ until the end of World War 2 when a secret Nazi base was discovered in Antarctica. The Nazi base was built into and even under the glaciers allowing its heat signature to be completely hidden from satellites but that’s not something we found out until 2001. The base all together had 60 bunks each with 2 beds and 2 bathrooms, 5 armories 2 on the top floor and the other 3 scattered throughout the base, a submarine dock with 4 large submarines that could be mistaken for Nuclear subs capable of launching 400 surface to air missiles from the stern, it also had a cafeteria with 2 floors connected by stairs. The cafeteria had exactly 80 square tables with 12 chairs at each one. as for other stuff there were 12 floors dedicated to technology and development.

After that we even found 3 floors dedicated to science and chemicals. apparently if we wouldn’t have dropped in when we did there would have been a world war 3. weapons we found in the labs were breath-taking, there is a hand cannon there that weighs 60 pounds. and to fire it there’s a 4 step process. step one, open the vent port on the back stock, step two wind the crank on the side, step 3 close the vent port on the back stock, step 4 pull the trigger. We found out the weapon was some sort of pressure cannon capable of building up at least 700 pounds of pressure in the chamber. sure it’s a close range weapon but it vaporizes anything it hits.

We also found a large hanger almost 2 kilometers long with a football sized elevator platform that led to the surface. in the hanger we found thousands of vehicles and aircraft’s that were ahead of their time one being a Osprey helicopter with a 60.cal mini gun turret on either side. The other vehicles and aircraft’s we found are still top secret. the SD says not to reveal the object unless it has already been made public by another group or god forbid a civilian.

Now something stupid you should know is that civilians are allowed on base as long as they come in from the surface. But that also means you need to have a Nexus issued satellite radio capable of  having 100+ com channels, I’ll give you a hint, you need to say a password into a certain com channel above 60 in order for the elevator platform to come up, but you also have to be within 5 feet of the surface hatch and for an added bonus to even find the hatch you have to dig through 12 feet of snow. yeah Nexus only opens the door twice a month both times happen to be when a satellite dark zone happens.

I actually think I may have said a lot more than I should have but still who’s going to believe me, I’m just a stranger with no record of ever existing. Well you might find one or two people with Grey as a first name but other than that I don’t exist, and this place doesn’t exist. As far as you know. Agent Grey out.