Unofficial Official Rainbow Factory Ending Scene

You have beautiful eyes,” she cooed, soft, yet clearly. “I know. Confident, headstrong eyes. You want to know what these eyes are seeing?”

“W… what…” Rainbow smirked. “The little b***h who just ruined my quota. I can’t make rainbows out of tears. I have a lot of work to do because of you.” Rainbow Dash slowly drifted into the control room, whistling as she did so. She turned to watch the agony on Scootaloo’s face as she pressed a series of b*****s. Dash then pulled a lever down, slowing yet not stopping the machine. The orange filly’s spirit was broken. She did not struggle as the machine slowly pulled her upward.

Scootaloo muttered something to herself quietly. Rainbow Dash, wishing to savor the moment, spoke up.

“What was that? Care to speak up before the end?”

“Goodbye Dash… I love you…” Rainbow Dash paused for a moment, looking at Scootaloo.

“Good riddance,” she spit. She paced in front of Scootaloo for a moment, before turning impatiently and increasing the speed lever slightly.

“I really wish I could have learned that Sonic Rainboom,” Scootaloo sobbed quietly.

“Maybe another day… Maybe we’ll meet again… Maybe,” she slowed, “you’ll be better..” Scootaloo’s front half started to twist. Bones started popping. As she started to cry out in pain, however, the machine shuddered to a halt. Scootaloo was shocked as she watched a flare of color rush up to meet her.

“D… Dash?” Rainbow Dash smiled for a second with tears welling in her eyes. She shook her head and blinked the tears away though, and a cruel frown grew on her face. She punched Scootaloo in the muzzle, gashing her mouth.

“You! You don’t deserve to be my ‘little sister’! You failed the test! You failed all Pegasus kind! Then you have the nerve to reach out to me in your dying minute?! You ungrateful…” Rainbow Dash ranted in fury, landing a punch with every sentence.

“Defenseless,” she grinned maliciously, swinging again.

“But, lovely…” she spoke, gliding her arm across Scootaloo’s skin gently.

Scootaloo quivered as she looked back into the rose eyes, blinking the blood from her vision.

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