Twins to the Swords: A Twin Creepypasta

Park and Parker Roberts were ordinary fifteen-year-old twins, Park was a girl and Parker was a boy, they were total opposites, except for one thing, they wanted to be samurais, nobody knew why they wanted to be samurais, it was only a secret in between them. The day right before their sixteenth birthday, their parents bought them a twin set of katana swords, both the swords had P’s engraved into the covering, they enjoyed playing with the katanas, laughing, giggling, smiling, they loved their swords! Right before midnight a note had appeared in their room, the note said,

Dear children,

If you have my sword, you may want to bring it back to me, or else, you’ll suffer a slow and painful death, or a fast and harmful death either way, you’re dead!


Donovan Reigns

Well, the twins just thought that their neighbor was just playing a joke on them, that night, they were kidnapped and brought to a secret house in the middle of nowhere, while they were asleep. When they woke up, they felt like they were almost dying because, a lot of skin was peeled from their arms, and there were scars all over their faces! A tall man walked up to them with a large smile and said, “Hello, you didn’t obey me so I’m going to make you decide, do you want to die or are you going to work for me?”

The twins decided to work for him even though, they didn’t know who he was, their job was to go around murdering people, their job tended to be easy most of the time, all they had to do was swipe their necks and slit their throats with their katanas, but when it came around to a few special people, their parents were on the list. When they found out about that, they decided to go into a room in the back of their newfound home, the room had a guillotine platform on it. So both Park and Parker cut their heads off, most people would think that they died, but they became themselves again, just with a new hairstyle and hair color. But there was another thing off about them, they had samurai lifestyles, and their original bodies were left there to rot for two years straight, leaving them forever fifteen.

With their new bodies, they were given the ability to not work for some random guy, but work for themselves, they took their own jobs very seriously. Their job was to get rid of all of the adults in their city, but as always the list soon went back around to their parents, but this time, they tried to suffer worse than last time. So they jumped in a poisoned anthill. They thought that would definitely work, but it didn’t. They just ended up back where they started, at home, but their parents were scared because they didn’t look like their original children. Instead of curly dark brown hair, they had straight greyish white hair, instead of smooth dark ebony skin, they had bumpy faded greyish brown skin from sliding on concrete, instead of beautiful expensive clothes, they had absurd cheap clothes, but they were still roughly the same size, but Parker seemed a bit skinnier from being starved to near death, but when their parents took them back, they were just fine!

Until, their parents realized that something else was stranger, Park and Parker had been working together more unlike they’d usually do, most of the time, if they’d be together it was either for dinner or talking about samurai stuff, but soon enough, the parents definitely knew that these were not their children, even though they were. They sent the police to go and send them onto a slow and painful death, it worked, until, their official mission was to go undercover and get rid of the man who had taken them away in the first place. They went to the place where they were kidnapped six years ago, but he wasn’t there, even though six years had passed they would’ve thought that he was still there. Nowadays, Park and Parker Roberts are roaming around in certain lands, looking for the man, they go around capturing people, with reason, but if you call out their names… you’ll be sorry!

You didn’t think this was the end, did you? This is just the beginning!