Trust No One

That night, I was walking the cold streets of New York. I was coming back from a party and I was VERY drunk.

Before arriving at my apartment, when I was going to enter, a boy of no more than 14 pulled my pants. I turned around, he looked very careless and he was very thin…

“What’s up, little one? And where’s your family?”

I ask worried, the boy looked scared.

“I do not know… I’m lost… Will you let me in and eat a little? I promise that tomorrow I’ll go.”

Obviously, I let him in. Tomorrow I would call the police to take the kid to safety. I took him to the living room and I left him there. I went to look for cookies and an orange juice, and went back to the living room then gave the meal to him.

I saw how he began to eat desperately, I was so sorry… poor kid.

A few minutes later, he yawned. I took him to the guest room to sleep peacefully. I wrapped him in the sheets and went to my room… I started to hear strange noises, knocks on my door.

I went to open it thinking it was the kid and I was right. Apparently, he had a nightmare so I let him sleep with me. I woke up again at 3 AM… Why?

That boy was on me with a knife in my neck.

“Oh, you woke up… Great!”

He smiled in a way I will never forget… He grabbed his knife and began to slash at my body. I tried to let go, but my hands were tied to the bed. I felt like that knife was going from my chest to my pelvis.

He opened the part of my stomach. I could only scream in pain for all that, I wanted to die right now… I felt, how little by little, my systems stopped working.

For the last time, the kid whispered to my ear.

“Trust nobody.”

Then… I fell dead.


“Today in his apartment, John Adams, was killed. It was a very brutal death. It is still unknown who is the murderer. The walls were written with blood, it said, ‘Do not trust anyone’. The polices are trying to find some evidences to find the culprit, but there is still no progress so far.”

I turned off the TV.

“You should never trust anyone.”

I release a smiling laugh.

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