Tick Tock Killer

[News cutout]
Several dead bodies have been discovered in the woods in the last few days each laid next to a tree with the words “YOUR TIME IS LIMITED TICK TOCK” carved into the trees, each person has the same wounds, claw scratches and one stab wound in the stomach, the police suspect that the killer has a pet assisting them.

[Day One]

They could not be farther from the truth, I saw it myself, I do not know if it saw me. I’ve kept a gun on me all times after that, this thing is not killing me. I have been living in an old cabin in the woods, and I have no intention of moving because of this thing. I am going to the police in a few days, I need evidence, they will not believe me if I just told them. “Yeah there’s a monster in the woods with claws and a knife that’s killing the people.” They totally will believe me without having even a photo.

[Day Two]

I set up cameras around the cabin, it will alert me if it is coming for me, and get me some video evidence. If after that the police do not believe me I will give them its dead body, then they can’t deny it. I am going to get rid of this thing at all costs.

[Day Three]

Damn it, it found me coming home from getting food cut the s**t out of me with its claws, they are deep cuts too, if I go out there it will get me, I called the police, they told me I shouldn’t be prank calling while there is a killer on the loose, the idiots.

[Day Four]

The alarms went off, I saw it and ran, it is coming, I dropped the gun while running. Get this thing before it kills anoth


-“Tick Tock Killer”

This is the journal of victim number seven, they are suspected of insanity. There is no evidence that the cameras mentioned in this journal had ever been mounted. There are claw marks on a few trees in the area, suspended to be from bears, although some people theorize the thing in this journal took the cameras off and scratched the trees in process, there is no evidence other than this journal supporting this theory, so a lot of people don’t believe it.

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  • Jen Phipps

    Run on sentences, story doesn’t make sense, usage of incorrect words. Keep trying, but proofread it first.

  • Ray Ramirez

    I like the idea of it, but like Jen said, needs work. Maybe a longer version with more detail of the creature, the person in the cabin, stuff like that can help. Keep writing though, everyone gets better as they go 😊

  • Brittany Vazquez

    It’s a interesting start ^^ I’d love to read more please :3

  • charleeisapotato

    Its pretty good of course and the idea is all there and to me I kinda like the lack of detail of the charectar because it makes you think and the idea of not knowing what this creature is, in my opinion a good idea.