This is a True Story

I am completely serious in everything I say.

This story begins with a regular girl in her regular, but old, house. Like any story this will have a beginning and a middle and an end. But, this story is different from most, it is more of a telling of events.

There is a small room with a small bed, a book shelf, a dresser and a few toys. In the bed there is a young girl asleep. The girl is around four and a half years old. She has dark brown hair and brown eyes and is wearing a little white nightgown with short sleeves. The neck has two b*****s at the top in the middle.

The girl lives in a house that is very old. She now knows that it could be over 130 years old. The front of it is beginning to crack and crumble and the floors in every room squeak and creak with every step.

It is close to midnight when the girl wakes up. She usually sleeps well so she is puzzled as for the reason she woke up. She decides that she woke up because she is thirsty. She goes to the bathroom and gets a drink of water. Water does not help, she still feels wide awake. She comes back to the room and gets into her bed to try to sleep. She lies awake for many minutes.

She is finally just about to fall back asleep when she notices something is in her doorway. It is slowly appearing. After about a minute it is not a “thing” anymore, it is a woman. She appears to be 80-90 years old and she is dressed in old but elegant clothes like the ones a medical princess would wear. Her hair is all grey but neatly combed and her face is old but unblemished. She stands with a slight hunch but does not seem to be in any pain as to bones or joints. There is one thing odd about her, other than the fact that she materialised in a four-year olds doorway, she is translucent.

Though she can see through the woman, the girl is not frightened. Instead, she has gone into a sort of trance. The woman must have put her into it. She is unable to move freely or think clearly but she still has thoughts. For example, one of her thoughts is why isn’t she making any sound when she walks?

The woman is slowly walking towards the girls bed though it looks more like she is drifting there using a walking motion. She gets to the side of the bed, pauses looking sadly but lovingly at the girl then reaches into her pocket and pulls out a knife. The knife looks like a short dagger. It has been sharpened well. The weird thing about it is that it is a silvery blue and it is glowing. The strange woman grabs the girl’s arm in a swift but graceful motion.

She brings the girls left arm up and puts the knife in it. The knife does not cut the girl, it merely passes through her skin and leaves a long scratch behind. When the girl looks up the woman is gone. The girl can now move and think freely. She is scared but she knows that to tell her parents would not be possible. To them it would just be a “bad dream”.

The scratch later turned into a scar. Since then little girl is able to sense people’s minds and feelings as well as the minds of ghosts. She can’t call up her ability at will, it just sort of… happens. She can only assume that the scar allows her this ability.

I still wonder about that knife and the translucent woman and I still have the scar.

  • Rose Morrison

    I have to ask, what is a “medical princess” ?

    • Ineffable

      To be honest no idea

  • Swotsy

    Left nothing to the imagination. Reading it was like being force-fed.
    As for the plot:
    Girl, old house, old woman, omg she a ghost, dagger, scar, surprise! the girl is me, I’ma supernatural fangirl.