There is Something Under My Skin

Ahhh my name is Mark Davidson, and I have a issue that ahhh I need to talk about and I don’t know where else to go with this so I’ll just post it online, let’s start with a few things about me then how this started I am a very active person I go to the gym 4 days out of the week, and go for runs daily, but lately I had been feeling kinda demotivated, it’s not that I don’t like exercising it’s just that everything had become way to routine.

I had told a friend of mine Jacob about my problem, freaking Jacob this is all his fault, ok calm down let me get back on track, now something to know about Jacob, dude is a complete nature freak I’m pretty sure dude would turn himself into a tree if given the chance, every time I would meet him at the gym he would try to convince me to go on some nature type trip with him I was never really into the whole tree hugging thing but after using every machine in my gym enough to know the name and how much everyone else uses them and the times they will be open for use it had become to much of a routine, so he finally talked me into climbing that mountain next to the I.E.A facility, and I’ll tell ya I’ve never seen anyone so excited for someone to climb a big freaking rock.

To be honest the mountain climb was actually pretty fun and a good workout which surprised me, everything was great up until I got a huge freaking gash on my right hand thanks to this sharp rock, you would think I would call it quits but I didn’t, I think back then I just had something to prove. Anyway we got to the top and the view was stunning, it was a golden with slight shades of pink and blue it was amazing until reality kicked back in and Jacob noticed my gushing hand, now at the time washing my sliced open hand in a stagnant pond was a good idea seeing that both of us were out of water and there was bits of rock and dust in my open wound, but not going to the hospital and just throwing some rubbing alcohol which hurt more than the cut itself and some bandages was the really bad idea.

A few days after the mountain climb my hand was still pretty bruised it was healing slowly though now you would expect for the pain to be central but slowly it started to creep up my arm each day the pain would climb a little higher and higher at first I almost thought it was muscle soreness but when I went to rub a particularly painful part of my arm my heart sank the vain on my arm at least at the time I thought it was a vain moved out of the way of my hand now I’m not saying I pushed it to the side no it literally moved to the side and started to climb up my arm.

At this point I was freaking out I can feel this thing burrowing through my skin to my upper chest, now I don’t know what you would do if you saw something crawling under your skin but I am not very fond of that concept, so I did the most logical thing I could think of I grabbed the sharpest thing near me a pair of scissors on my dresser then I started to cut a line in the path of the thing that was under my skin.

A few seconds later a thin white line about one millimeter thick appeared out of the jagged cut I had made but almost as soon as it appeared it tried to squirm its way back under my skin, so I dropped the scissors and grabbed it making the already sizeable cut on my chest even bigger as I dug around in my cut trying to grab this worm I knew I had success after I felt a thin line between my fingers, then I pulled I was shocked to see after one and a half inches I was still pulling then after about two inches I felt a soft snap then looked down at the cut to see one end of the worm squirm its way back under my skin.

I grabbed a cup and put the half of the worm in it and put a book on top of it, I went to grab the scissors again but then I realized I could feel it under my skin again but this time it was more than just skin deep.

Now that im done with this I’m planning on going to the hospital and I’m taking this half of worm too.

I know I should have gone to the hospital immediately but at the time I wasn’t thinking straight and I didn’t think it would take long I just want to get some feed back if anyone has ever heard of anything like this, I will be sure to update you guys once I come back from the hospital and I’m kinda getting a headache so I’m going to the doc now talk to you guys later.

Briggs: sorry I’m late, so what do we got here?

Carter: white male, late 20s early 30s, about 5,9, eye witness state that he ran to the front of the hospital holding his head and sweating profusely, then collapsing and convulsing vigorously and dropping a plastic cup covered with a plastic wrap, contents are one, 5 inch Iong white worm about one millimeter thick.

Briggs: poor b*****d, kid came so close but yet so far, and did you say a worm. Kid obviously works out a crap ton what the hell happ-

Carter : here come the suits

Briggs: aw crap not this again

Voice 3: this body is the property of I.E.A you should know the drill by now.

Briggs: yeah yeah we know already you people sure do claim a lot of corpses.

Voice 3: why the harsh tone and no respect for the dead this isn’t just some corpse his was someone’s kid.

Carter : yeah someone’s kid you had to do with the death of.

Voice 3: I.E.A has nothing to do with the deaths we claim we simple do research on the bodies because you simpletons will never get to the bottom of these mysteries if we don’t intervene.

Briggs: why I otta

Carter: let it go Briggs you know how it goes with these guys.

Briggs: yeah I know let’s go. One of these day I’m doing to figure out what in the hell is going down with that company.

Voice 3: have a nice night boys see on your next case Briggs and Carter.

  • Tristan Nikolai Gentile

    grammatical mistakes, needs punctuation, other than that, the story is a solid 5/7

    • Onyx

      Thank you for the helpful constructive criticism, I will hopefully make my next story better. Thankyou again for the comment.