The Worm Inside My Mind

I’ve always been afraid of the paranormal. It has always fascinated me on what’s fake and what’s real. It is like a love hate relationship with this subject. It’s always on how you look at it. I’m writing this story to tell you something that happened to me.

I was about nine or eight when this happened. I lived in a small house in a nice neighborhood every one was mostly nice and friendly. Me and my friend I will call him Mason. me and Mason were basically brothers. And even I couldn’t tell him cause I knew he wouldn’t believe me. At the time of this incident I was sharing my room with one of my family members not that it’s important to the story.

So I was sleeping in my bunk bed with my cousin sleeping below me on an air mattress. I was having a weird dream it was like a rage filled dream where every where you looked was something violent was happening. I woke up to a hard pressure on my legs I couldn’t move it was like I was in shock. After about ten seconds I was free but still had that pressure on my legs. I sat up rubbing my eyes with an exhausting aching felling.

I blinked a couple of times and opened them and I wish I didn’t. I saw a yellow neon worm laying in my lap just staring at me with this human like teeth smile. As soon as I found out what I was looking at I was stiff. I was controlled by fear. I just looked at it for about 3 minutes wondering what to do. Should I yell, should I try to knock it off, my mind was racing like a horse. And then I suddenly had control of my body so I covered my face in my covers and just waited and waited and what seemed like hours in my fear it disappeared and not just like P**F it’s gone. It faded out of existence.

After all that happened I passed out quickly mostly of fear but I slept soundly. The next day things started to change it wasn’t physical or in color it was the way I looked at them in my mind. It was like walking in a new world you never known before. And when the effect was fresh and in my mind it changed the way I looked at my self.

I didn’t see this great kid a saw a speck just a pin point in society. Just an other speck joining the crowd. I was going crazy. I said to my self over and over again I’m normal I’m normal but it just felt wrong to say that about myself. And every time I’d notice a change that stupid worm appeared in my mind.

And this happened for about a year almost every week it got weaker and weaker and weaker until it was so small I would have to strain to see the change in my mind.

But almost every month I get that change almost as strong as when I got it and even sometimes worse. When it gets severely strong I feel nothing. I become numb to emotion like some one just took out my brain and washed it. When I’m done with the day the night gets worse.

When I pass out my dream is blank. But just after a couple of minutes you’ll wish you never went to sleep. every wear there is violence and there is no were to go your stuck in this dream till day light hits your face. And in the dreams I see that dang worm in my mind every choice I see that dang worm looking at me with that blank smile. Like it’s telling me no matter what I do I can’t escape it.

I’ve tried to fight it but I cant seem to control it. And then I’ve learned to come to accept it. That there is a worm inside my mind. I’ve given up on trying to fight it I’ve just became weak to the subject.

When I was angry and scared on the subject I wanted to kill that stupid worm. But  it was useless I couldn’t do nothing about it. I am now 15 and I’ve made a tolerance to the dreams but not the change that it gives me. I still see differently and fell no emotion sometimes but I still am my self. I’m going to try to go to sleep now hopefully I’ll wake up tomorrow.

  • Dr.Medieval

    Excellent story idea. My only critique is to urge you to make use of an editor next time, human or computer. (Grammarly is basically free and an excellent program).
    The grammatical and stylistic errors detract somewhat from an otherwise well-constructed storyline.
    Please know that I offer these thoughts as a writer myself, and with the utmost respect.

  • DarkLord236

    I’m sorry, but the grammar in this story is just bad. It’s kind of hard to read, and I think you should improve your grammar before making another story.