The Windy’s Statue

There was one moment of my childhood that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Almost as a stain on my Mind’s Eye

It all started when me and my family went to Windy’s restaurant. My mother got her paycheck on the 1st every month so for a treat she took us out for dinner. She suggested “Why don’t way you stop at Windy’s and get us some burgers and fries?” And she also said “That if we were really good we would each get a large milkshake

So as we pulled into the parking lot to find a parking space so we can go in and enjoy your meal. I felt a sense of dread as it fell upon me when I stepped out of the car. I told me that I shouldn’t be here for some ominous reason.

But I went inside anyway, it was just my imagination. So we got in and we ordered our food and we sat down at our table, everything was fine. That is until I noticed that the restaurant had a plastic statue of their mascot Windy.

The statue was standing in a corner greeting customers as they walked in, she was as people expected her to be with her blue checkered dress. And red hair with pigtails and freckles on her face. But something felt wrong as I looked at the Statue of Windy. Something that I could not describe.

So I just stood there staring at it. And you know what I could have swore that it moved a little. Almost as if it was alive. But it couldn’t be. Statues don’t move on their own, as so I thought to myself. That was until it went at me. When I noticed this I started to freak out and tell my mom that we needed to leave now. But she did not listen she just told me to sit down and finish my meal.

Knowing that I could not go against my mother, I listened to what she said and sat back down and started to eat. That was until I heard someone scream behind me. When I turned around and what I saw something that i’ll never unsee in my life.
There was a boy’s corpse playing front of the statue.

And in the statue’s hand was a knife that wasn’t there before. And that’s when we all saw that the statue did move. And it did more and more as it screwed up the young boys corpse. It then started slicing him open like a deer. And for some reason I could not look away from the horror before me.

And I could not move. As this thing slicing this boy apart and then when it stopped it’s slowly turned its head towards me flashing a horrible fang filled smile and the statues eyes were red and murderous, filled with contempt. As it dropped the dead child it started slowly walking towards me. And yet I still couldn’t move and I knew I was in danger.
But something compelled me this day. That is until my mother jumped in and tried to save me but she got injured in the process of saving me.

The statue lunged it’s knife at my mother slicing her arm. As she grabbed me and started to run. But the statue of Lindy did not like this. It then started to scream in a demonic tone. While it started to chase after us. We tried to get out the doors but somehow we couldn’t get them to open.
Somehow this thing knew that we would try to escape. So it locked the doors.

The creature had us trapped. And we thought we were doomed for sure. That is until my mother started to fight back as she had found one of those axes from the fire emergency and took it off the wall and started slashing at the monster. Hitting the statue. As it made a sickening crunch. When my mother was done it was almost like she wasn’t hitting plastic but flesh and Bone itself. And the creature lashed out in pain, it started to scream that demonic tone one more time

Until one final strike that my mother gave, by slicing off the statue’s head. And it fell to the ground with a sickening thud. As it was no more. My mother dropped to the ground and turned around and picked me up. Then started to hug me. She told me that the nightmare was finally over with.

And that we could finally go home. But that was shortly lived when I saw my mother’s face went from a smile to a frown and the life drained from her eyes. The Windy’s statue was not dead. It appeared that it was until my mother let her guard down.

And that’s when it took its chance to kill her while she was distracted. I was horrified as I watched my mother die while I was in her arms. And I knew I was next.

So the statue ripped me from my mother’s lifeless arms. And stared at me for what seemed like forever. It then opened it’s mouth with the same sharp fangs that I saw earlier before. It lifted me up over its mouth. And then everything went dark.

I had woken up in a freak panic in the hospital with doctors around me. They told me there was a accident at the Windy’s restaurant where my family apparently was. They said that there was a huge toxic gas leak. Many had died and only few such as myself had survived. But I thought to myself that it seemed so real.

I told my doctor about this and he said that it was due to the gas and hallucinations where a side effect. But I told the doctor it seemed too real to not happen.

He said that this was a common in the side effects of gas leaks. He also said that “Your mind will play tricks on you and make you see what you don’t want to see.” So he ordered me to rest and he told me that he’d be back tomorrow to give me more of a evaluation to see if I was well enough to go home.

So that night as I rested. I had the feeling as I did when I was in the restaurant. And as I went to call for the nurse. I looked out my door from the hospital bed and I could have sworn I saw a blue dress followed by red pigtails…..

  • Kaela Doemland

    The first thing that popped into my mind when I saw this is how Wendy’s has been roasting people online. XD

  • MissMe123

    I am so effing glad that the Wendy’s I go to does NOT have a statue… Oh my goodness, if it did I would never eat there again. Cheers, you’ve scared the crap out of me!

  • Maegan Davila 🌐

    Suggestions for future stories:
    1) Dont give away the plot to early or bring in the way you feel to early. For example when you said you felt weird when stepping out of the car, it came off as a bit extra.
    2)the better stories have 1-2 people in it. By you having multiple people in it and being part of the big scene but not including them into the action(assuming the workers and your family were at least the only ones there) it opens the questions on why no called 911 or even helped your mother. It also kind of messed up the ending a bit.
    3)In the end how did they explain your mother being dead and if you remember why did no one else. If they did why didnt they match up everyones stories and make some case out of it, or check the security tapes.
    4) By making the story more realistic, it makes the story scarier.