The Weird Statues

The story that I’m going to share with you guys is never happened in real life and this is just the result of my own weird imagination. The place and school involved in the story do not depicts the reality. So here’s the story:

I’m Ben, a college student in New York City College of Technology and was living alone in New York. My hometown is far so I decided to rent a room for myself in the city. Living alone away from family is really sickening moment that I have to struggle. I took up engineering so I have to spend most of my time in school and I was very dedicated to studies.

I often came home late at 6pm because I like the city lights at night. I was having fun watching the lights especially the Smith street which is amazing having so many eye-catching lights which give the city its beauty.

One night, while asleep I dreamed something strange which made me now confused. I dreamed about a voice saying like this, “Ben, I thank you for being a good guy, keep it up! But I should warn you now that terrible things are about to happen. Be careful!”

I woke up at around 5am in the morning and keep thinking about the dream I had last night. I tried to understand but seemed like questions keep rushing into my mind without sufficient answers. So I just let it go thinking it was nothing but a weird dream perhaps.

I went to school very early and I’m not used to it because I actually have my time at around 8am so today was actually very weird to me. As usual, I just have to walk going to school having fun on every streets and watching many people around so busy with their lives.

Late afternoon, I prepared my things to go home from school. My classroom was on the 2nd floor so I had to walk down on the hallways before I could get to the main entrance. As I was approaching the gate, I noticed a strange disfigured standing beside the security guard’s house. I didn’t hesitate to come closer and when I found out, it’s just a horrifying disfigured statue. I asked the guard who put it there on the main gate.

He glanced to the gate and answered me “He buddy, Are you sure? I see nothing on that gate besides a rotting metal.”

As I heard him saying that word. My blood rushed up and my heart bit became so fast. I didn’t know how to react while looking at a disfigured statue. I just have to describe it, it’s like a corpse the first time you see it, the mouth was stitched to each other, blood ran down from its eyes, the face was like a very old man and the way it was displayed was really very horrifying and it was an unimaginable horror you could imagine.

I walked out thinking what exactly it was. I kept thinking but I already had this nervousness in me. While walking on the busy streets where I used to see busy people and lively colors of lights turned suddenly quiet. I was now in a panic mode when I saw the streets and sidewalks full of disfigured human statues. There were many of them displayed on every sides of the street. They were just like the statue I saw at my school’s main gate. What terrified me most was that it was only me who could see these things and people around never noticed it at all.

Because of this, I decided to go home early and found out that the statue was also displayed in the front of the building where I rented my room. After reaching home, I close all the windows and slept early. While lying down on the bed, I remembered my dream last night and I realized maybe this was it.

I woke up early the next morning, and found out that it was just a dream in my own dream. I glanced on the window and saw nothing on the streets besides a very busy people as usual. They were all gone completely and hoped not to dream it ever again!

  • Stephanie Reynolds

    I don’t mean this as an insult if it’s not accurate, but the writing feels like English is not your first language. The sentences were arranged oddly and some of the words were close to what a could tell you meant but not quite there. If this is your first language, I’d say just read a bit more published work and continue practicing!