The Traitor

Ririsu Isonento was a Japanese transfer student who attended a private high school. She made friends very quickly, as she was extremely extroverted. Her blue hair was always down, but a little bit of it was in a bun. She had two chunks of hair on her right and in the middle of her face, giving her a very unique hairdo. She always wore her old Japanese school uniform: a sailor uniform. Her life was as perfect as could be. Until October 13, which was a Friday.

That day started out normal. Ririsu met up with her friend group and they started talking about nothing in particular until the principal came on the loudspeaker, panicked.

“Everyone, I am calling Code Yellow, this is not a drill! Get to a room and hide! Protect yourselves!” Ririsu and her friends panicked and ran into the teacher’s lounge. They ducked into a corner and waited for Code Green to be called.

They waited for half an hour before they heard banging on the door. It only took a few hits to come crashing down. Ririsu screeched. The man in the doorway was dripping with sweat and blood. He had a crazy smile on his face, and he was holding a bloody butcher knife. He apporached Ririsu and her friends and said, “I only need one…”

Before she could do anything, Ririsu was thrusted forward by one of her friends. Ririsu turned around to face them, hoping that they would help her. No one moved. Ririsu understood. She could sense the psycho was about to kill her, so with what she assumed to be her last breath, she yelled out at the top of her lungs, “YOU TRAITORS!!!!!!!!” With that, the psycho thrust his knife into Ririsu’s back, causing her to scream out in pain. Her vision blurred, and then she collapsed.

Her friends watched the psycho slice up Ririsu’s face and body, too afraid to do anything about it. Then the police came in and took the guy away. Paramedics took Ririsu to the hospital, where she stayed for a few weeks.

When she returned to school, she looked completely different. Her hair was completely down, and her unique bangs weren’t made, so it covered half of her face. She wore a dark red sweater with a black skirt, tights, and shoes.

She approached her traitors with anger in her eye.

“Hey, Ririsu! H-How are you?” asked her ex-best friend.

“Alive,” Ririsu replied. Then she turned her head and muttered something that no one but Ririsu could hear.

“I want to talk to you guys in private. Follow me.” Ririsu said. Her traitors obeyed.

She took them outside to an old shed and locked the door. She turned to them and pulled out a knife.

“You… Betrayed me… Now I… Will… BETRAY YOU!”

Ririsu charged at her friends and, one by one, killed all four of them. Her best friend, her crush, the peacebringer, and the goofball. Dead.

Now, Ririsu Isonento lives in the forest, luring more and more victims into her trap. If you see a blue haired girl wearing a dark red sweater and a black skirt, tights, and shoes in the forest, beckoning you deeper into the woods, contact your local police station immediately. Stay safe…