The Thing at My Old House

My family has a very strong bond with the supernatural realm. My sister has psychic visions during the daytime and I have very vivid nightmares that tell me about traumatizing events that are going to happen to me. My sister and I have both had experiences with the paranormal. I’ve written a story about my experience with what I think may have been a wendigo, but I figured I’d write about some other creepy stuff that’s happened. I’ve got a pretty good story about how a creature attacked my mom when I was little, so I’ll tell it now.

My mom and dad had been divorced for about a year at this point and my mom had finally moved 4-year-old me and my older sister into a new house. My mom says that she remembers right off the bat that there was something wrong with that house. Every night she would have terrible nightmares and wake up with scratches all over her body. This was the same house we lived in when I started to get my sleep paralysis and psychic nightmares. Mom would brush off the scratches and blame it on a piece of metal on the bed or something of the sorts. One night, my mother had a terrible dream that there was a female spirit trying to kidnap my sister and I. My mom had last almost everything at this point because the divorce of my parents lead to us being basically disowned by the rest of our family; my sister and I were all that she had.

My cousin Shila, (the same one who met the creature in the forest with me) was able to see spirits and one day she came over to our house and saw a lady towering over my mother. Suddenly, my mom started gagging, as if she were being choked. My cousin screamed for help and managed to somehow separate the ghost from my mother. My cousin and my aunt ended up doing some kind of holy water ritual to get the evil energy out of the house, and there was never any negative demons there ever again; there were still ghosts though.

Author’s Note: If you want me to write about the other stuff that happened at my old house, leave a comment.

  • Jai Lynn

    More please😀

    • Gay Horror

      I’ll be working on it! Thanks for taking the time to read my work!

  • Gay Horror

    I guess I’ll get to writing 🤣

  • Gay Horror

    On the way.

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    Nothing really stood out about this. It was short, nothing was built up, it was all pretty cliche. I don’t know. I’d say definitely put more work into the details before you post.

    • Gay Horror

      I plan to get more details next time. This happened a fairly long time ago and I don’t exactly remember what happened. Thank you for the feedback!