The Story of Michael

Hello, it’s me, Robert again. I checked on the blog thing again and I noticed something weird. There was a new entry. A 2 hour long voice message has appeared there. But it’s not from the same author. It’s from someone called Michael.

There’s a description along with the file where he claims he knew Matthew, and when he came looking for him in his house, he found Matthew dead and got kidnapped. I don’t know what to believe, but anyway, here it is:

*Scraping, clothes ripping apart, what sounds like a metal chain being trampled with*

A male voice, possibly Michael’s: God dammit! What the f**k?!

*More chain sounds*

Michael: Open you f*****g piece of s**t lock!

*Footsteps coming down from what sounds like stairs*

Michael: Oh s**t, oh s**t, s**t s**t s**t!

*A very distorted voice can be heard*

“Michael. I told you not to trample with the chain again. You’re gonna wake the others up.”

Michael: No, I don’t give a single f**k about the “others”!

??? : Soon you will give a “f**k” about the others. I will come back in 10 minutes, then the procedure will start.

*Footsteps, door opening and getting locked*

*Footsteps up the stairs*

Michael: Wait, is that a camera?!

Michael: Ah s**t. I gotta get out of here. How do I get rid of this stupid chain, though…

*The camera footage shows Michael trying to grab a nearby axe.*

Michael: Get… over… here!

*Michael grabs the axe*

Michael: There we go!

*Michael swings the axe with his free hand and hits the chain.*

Michael: F**k. It won’t break.

*He swings once more*

Michael: Oh you gotta be kidding me.

*He swings it one last time and breaks the chain, but he accidentally slices a small piece of his hand off with it.*

Michael: F**K! *loud grunt*

Michael: Oh s**t… I think I was a bit too loud.

*Rapid footsteps can be heard running down the stairs.*

*Michael would hide behind a big box in the room, ready to swing the axe.*

*Very quiet footsteps and a pair of huge green eyes scan the room.*

???: Michael… Come out…

*The camera would show the being from behind, it is very crooked and almost looks like The Rake.*

*Michael would jump out from behind the box and shove the axe into the monster’s face, killing it instantly.*

Michael: Holy s**t, I can’t believe that actually worked…

*Michael would grab the GoPro camera with him, and leave the room.*

*He walks through a really dark hallway, and many screams can be heard from these rooms all around him.*

*Michael reads the doors’ numbers.*

Michael: 101, 102, 103, 104… The f**k is this place?!

*Suddenly, in one of the rooms in front of him, the door would burst open.*

*A very heavily bleeding middle-aged man looks at Michael, with a knife in his hand.*

Unknown man: Y-you escaped t-t-too?

Michael: Yes, obviously.

Unknown man: C-come on, w-w-we g-gotta go. T-they’re c-c-c-coming.

*The man has a very very strong stutter.*

Michael: Uhh, okay.

*They would run through the dark corridors side by side, and the man would look around frantically all the time.*

Michael: So what is this place?

Unknown man: I-I-I don’t know…

Michael: When did you wake up?

Unknown man: A-a-a-bout t-two days ago.

Michael: Oh, okay. Whats your name?

Unknown man: M-my n-n-name is Nate.

Michael: Okay. Any clue on where to go?

Nate: Y-yes. W-we should head w-w-west from h-here.

Michael: Alright.

Nate: And then there should be an e-e-e-elevator.

Michael: Wait, I think I see it already. Run for it, I hear footsteps from behind.

Nate: O-okay.

*The footsteps would get closer and closer, loud screeches would be heard.*

*Michael jumps into the open elevator, Nate jumps behind him and one of those monsters manages to grab his leg.*

Michael: NO! *he would grab Nate’s arm and pull.*

Nate: Y-you’re just w-wasting time.. G-g-go!

Michael: No, no no, you’re coming with- *the elevator door would suddenly close with lightning speed and Nate’s head would explode between the door.*

Michael: OH F**K!

*He would press the 1st floor button, and see the exit.*

Michael: I think I hear police sirens coming from a far.

*Suddenly a creature would grab Michael and slam him into the wall, choking him.*

*The creature stabs Michael in the stomach with its claw.*

*Michael screams in pain, but is able to break free.*


*Michael runs through the hallways with the creature chasing him fast on its four crooked legs/arms*

*another loud screech is heard as the creature jumps onto Michael and starts clawing his face off.*

*Michael gets major cuts on his face but is able to break free again, and push the creature onto a broken pipe, which impales it.*

*Michael runs towards the exit but the creature catches up and grabs Michael’s leg.*

*Michael is able to push the front door open, where he to his surprise sees a portal.*

*He roams toward the portal but the being behind him is pulling him back.*

*Michael resists with all his leftover stamina and strength, kicks the being in the face and shouts “Adios amigo!” as he jumps into the portal.*

*He suddenly falls onto a random street in New York, his home town.*

*Everybody stares at him and questions him about his whereabouts and cuts.*

Michael : Just call the f*****g ambulance you brain dead twats, I’m bleeding out over here!

*The people call 911 and Michael is driven to the hospital by ambulance about 15 minutes later.*

*Michael passes out*


*2 hours later*

Michael: What the hell?

Nurse: Calm down. You’re safe now.

Michael: Am I…

Nurse: Yes, you’re in hospital.

*Michael notices a shadow behind the nurse.*

*Michael shouts, “Look out!” as a long knife stabs through the nurse’s head.*

*The creepy thing is, the video clip ends with Michael grabbing a Halloween mask from the desk next to him, and takes the knife out of the nurse’s head. But Michael was the one who killed the nurse. There was no shadows, no monsters, no portals, or dimensions. There was only him, and his twisted mind.*


This is where the voice message/video clip ends.

I am still ultimately confused, but since there hasn’t been another update, I’m still not sure what happened.

That’s the end of today’s blog, and goodbye.


At Michael’s house:

*Michael looks in the mirror, sees him and the bloody knife, the mask.*

*He marks his next target’s home on the map.*

*The victim’s name is Robert.*

*Michael cleans his knife and steps out of his house.*


*3 hours later*

Hello, this is an urgent update. I’m Robert, and I think someone just broke into my house… I can’t type, so I’ll just whisper.

*Various items being thrown around and broken.*

*Suddenly, Robert screams.*

Robert: MICHAEL?!

*the audio cuts off as Michael grabs Robert and slams his knife into Robert’s head.*

  • Supernatural lover

    This story is beast and its ugh i have no words

  • Justin Gamble

    Well damn Michael take a chill pill

  • LolBoy707

    That was the best one I’ve read I love it

  • Nichole Gregory

    Which Michael is he talking about?? Is he talking about about My Favorite singer Michael Jackson?? I’m worried about Michael Jackson now