The Stench of Death

Ever smelt someones fear? Heck, of course not, you’re a human. There are some humans though, that can. Well, I’ll call them humans from politeness but are they really? Take a wild guess at who or what I’m referring to. Yes. I am talking about werewolves. Before I start telling the story of my encounter with a werewolf, I need to explain some things. Even before my encounter I was scared shitless by the things. I am heavily superstitious and even a glance at a picture of one will give me night and daymares for the rest of the week (I have an incredibly visual memory and I get flashbacks).

Anyway, a few months ago I started being followed. I was unaware of it at first, because it keeps in my blind spots. Always lurking in the corner of my eye. The mirror saved me. I was in the town, doing kid stuff, and I turned into the high street. In one of the shop windows was a mirror. At first I assumed it broken, because of the dark mass rounding the corner. I turned to check and in the blink of an eye I was running for my life.

My mind was scrambled from processing so much. My immediate thought was “Oh f**k. Wtf is this thing?” I eventually realised what it was and remembered ‘Silver’. If you didn’t already know silver is one of the only known substances that can harm lycanthropes (that’s the posh word for werewolves). So… not to be boring or anything but I hit it with an antique plate. Trust me this will be useful to you if you ever find yourself in this situation.

The plate stunned it for a moment and then… oh god it started screeching. Ever owned a dog? Now imagine it yelping in pain. Now magnify that in sound by about 1000% (10x the sound). That was the sound I heard. When I looked back at it the area exposed to the plate and it was blistered and raw. At that point I realised how lethal silver really was. I hit it. Again and again and again. It backed off, and I’m glad to say I never saw hide nor hair of it again.

Take my experience into account, because these thing are dangerous. I researched other people’s experiences and I have managed to compile a list of misconceptions about werewolves.

First misconception. WEREWOLVES DO NOT COME OUT ONLY AT FULL MOON. People arrogantly assume that they are nocturnal and only turn at the full moon. Lycanthropy is like a sickness, you have a fit and turn. Anywhere, anytime, no trigger.

Second misconception. They cannot swim.

Third. They can always smell you. They have advanced noses which pick out natural from unnatural.
Forth. They do not have night vision. The best way to hide is to get up high and pray that it cannot climb to get you.

So, no matter how much perfume you wear, or how brave you are, be warned. They can smell your fear.