The Snowman

I lived in a small town in Ohio, surrounded by the woods. Sleeping can be rough here as there’s always some kind of animal screeching at night, But you get used to it. I’ve never been scared of the urban legend campfire stories… but this isn’t one of those. My family always told me stories about the abandoned house in the woods not too far from my home. Hell, my dad showed me it when he took me hunting as a kid. It always gives off a weird vibe… kinda like when you stare at a picture of a dead body from the internet or something.

It wasn’t until I grew up that I realized just what lurks inside.

“The first winter fall, he awakens,” they always told me. So this year, I decided to check it out myself. I brought a camera to take pictures of the woods, or maybe just the thought of everything being okay would help me.

The walk was fine, quiet, almost calming if I could forget why I’m waking here in the first place.

As soon as I seen it in the distance, instant anxiety. I thought to myself, “Maybe just take a few minutes.”

I finally collected myself and was able to walk further. Still weak in the knees, I arrive to the house. The door to it is cracked opened but almost like it’s frozen to the ground. I’m able to get inside. Nothing catching the eye yet, besides the fact that there’s shoes everywhere.

I figured, heh, this was all just a joke. I even laughed for a minute. I decided to go home.

But, I felt weird once I got out. The path almost seemed different… maybe it was because I was in there for a while and have to get used to it again. So I start waking. Nothing out of the ordinary, it’s gonna be a while before I’m home. But… 30-40 minutes pass and somehow I wind up right back to this house… I didn’t take a wrong way, it’s a one way path… I’m tired so I decide to sit down and collect myself. I close my eyes for a minute, and take a deep breath. I open my eyes to one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever seen. Everything, the trees, the snow, the sky. It’s all red, except the house. I think, maybe I’m just seeing things or something… I go into the house to try to calm down. I made it home after what happened inside the house, and I don’t wanna go into detail. I can’t… it makes me sick. And I’m sure it’ll drive me f*****g insane if I think about it too much… But I seen that son of a b***h… He had kids… dead f*****g children. I s****h a picture and run for my life.

The reason I’m telling this now is, my son just told me that his friend wants to see… the snowman…