The Scream that No One Heard

I was about 13 when this happened. (IT IS TRUE) Right after the movie “Blair Witch” came out, my brother and our friends from the neighborhood decided to go ghost hunting. We lived in a farm house and between our house and the housing development was a large corn field with an abandoned barn half falling apart.

It was around 9.30 pm and dark, we split up with me and my friend Steve going off on our own to see what we would find. We were laughing and joking around until we both heard something. Unsure what it was we decided to investigate with the camera on.

When we were up close to the barn we heard the most chilling scream we had ever heard. Both of us took off running, totally terrified.

Later we reviewed the footage to show the guys what we heard. When we played to tape back there was nothing, no scream or anything. I am 33 now and to this day no one believes us, but we both know what we heard; and sometimes, I swear I still hear it.