The Resurrected Demon

Now some people say this is a hoax, but I have proof that it is not. My name is Jason Oakley. I grew up on Maryville, in East Tennessee. Now we always made up scary stories, but this one always freaked us out.

The story went as an old man who died in his eighties. They say after he died, the Devil resurrected him as a living monster. Lucky suspects say he would slit their throat, and bury them in their flooring. They say he is in all black, and lived in an abandoned house. The scary part, that house was right behind mine.

I always check at night to see if he’s outside, even though I thought it was fake at the moment. It was a small yard, maybe half an acre. Very dirty, since it has been abandoned for years. There was a very beat up car beside the house, no license plate or anything, but at least it ran.

One night, me and a couple of friends had a sleepover and planned about going over to he abandoned place to see if the story is real, and to drive the car. We climbed over the rusty, old fence. We started walking to the car. When I turned around, one of my three friends were gone. We checked all over the place to try to find him. With no luck, we agreed to not go in the house, no matter what.

So when we got to the car, we all got in, and locked it. The key was stuck in the ignition and it started. Before we drove off, we checked around the car. After searching the back, I could not believe my eyes. We found a corpse, of our lost friend. After freaking out and figuring out what to do, we heard a noise through the window. It was the monster, coming out the door with a blade shaped figure. That’s when I put the car gear into reverse, and sped off, busting through the gates. He stayed in one place, just staring at us. We are now being looked for, as we will never come back to Maryville ever again.