The Repeating Nightmare

I remember that not that long ago, I would live in fear of the monster coming to get me when I close my eyes. Every time I would remember my dreams, I always notice that the same exact things kept happening apart from a few minor details. So I would start of in the most empty room I had ever seen in my life. There were no doors, no windows, no nothing. Just pale white walls that seemed they could go on forever.

After a few minutes of loneliness I would collapse to the floor when I blinked twice quickly. Then I would wake up in my room, in my house where everything is normal. I would notice my dog laying on his bed but something was different. I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Then I saw it. That wasn’t my dog, it’s was… him. And after that moment I would appear in what seemed like an abandoned cottage.

I found out that I was never awake. Strangely, anything in here that would make a sound would echo so loud it seemed impossible to stay quiet. Finally I worked up the nerve to ask if anyone was there. No answer. But I knew he was here. The monster. He is always here. He never leaves me. He can’t. I can’t stand it. I remember how I would get so agitated waiting for it to happen because it takes so long. But when it does happen I get chills head to toe. The man. The monster. It would come around the corner as slowly as possible and when he finally got to me he spoke.

I always will remember his face – that’s if he even had one. He had this ancient yellow bandage wrapped around his head only leaving space for his mouth. His mouth. Disgusting. It was packed with sharp rotten teeth that where impossible not to notice. He said, “I’m here, always, watching over your purity in the dark, you can’t stop me. You can’t. You won’t. All I want is purity. I need to feed.” It was always the same thing over and over everyday. And it didn’t stop until I said ok just leave me alone. All I can say now is, that was a mistake…