The Porcelain Doll

It was around midnight, when I suddenly heard a knock on my door. I crawled out of bed and I went downstairs to answer the door. Once I opened it, I didn’t see anyone, but I did see a box of some sort. I decided to pick up the box and bring it into the house. I set the box down on the kitchen counter, I reached into my knife drawer and I pulled out a small box cutter knife.

I opened up the knife and I stabbed into the middle of the box, I cut the box open a few minutes later. There was many pieces of styrofoam inside. I dug my hands into the box and I felt a porcelain doll. I pulled her out of the box and the doll looked bruised and battered, one of its eyes were missing and it didn’t have normal doll teeth. In fact the teeth on this doll were spiky and inhuman. I stood the doll up on the counter and I stared at it for a moment, it seemed to be staring back, deep into my soul. “Who in the hell would send this to me?” I asked myself, not seeing an address on the box.

I just shrugged it off and went upstairs to my room, once I got there I laid in bed, about to drift off to sleep. I closed my eyes and I had to open them again, because I heard what sounded like a thud downstairs. I slowly, reached behind my bed and I grabbed a steel base ball bat, just in case someone was trying to break in.

I went downstairs, gripping the bat in my right hand. I went into the kitchen and I saw the doll on the floor. I picked it up and placed it back onto the counter. I assumed it had just fallen, so I went back up to my room and laid in bed, slowly drifting off to sleep. Of course, my rest was cut short, when I heard yet another thud from the kitchen and I also heard the knife drawer open. Good thing, I kept the bat with me. I headed back downstairs, but I was more stealthy this time. I pressed myself against the wall and I peeked into the kitchen and I saw the doll grabbed a butcher knife.

I leaned all the way against the wall before the doll noticed me. “Now, where is his bedroom? He’s probably asleep right now.” I heard the doll say to herself. At this moment, fear had over taken me and I went into my room silently and hid in the closet. “Zachie poo, I’m coming to see you!” I heard the doll call out to me from downstairs. I didn’t dare to move from my hiding spot. I listened silently as I could hear her tiny feet coming upstairs.

I heard my room door open and I knew it was her. “Zachie Poo, my name is Paula and I just want to play a game.” I heard the doll continue to speak as she began to search around my room. I had my fingers crossed, she wasn’t smart enough to check the closet. Fortunately, she didn’t and she went back downstairs. Once I knew she was gone for now, I decided to creep out of the closet and have a quick smoke, before she came back up. I quietly reached into my nightstand drawer and I pulled out a pack of cigarettes. Thankfully, I had opened them earlier in the day, which meant less noise I had to make.

I sat on the edge of my bed and I put the cigarette in my mouth. I pulled my lighter out of my pocket and I lit it, taking a drag.

I let out a soft sigh of relief as I had assumed the doll was gone. I picked up my bat just in case she wasn’t I also grabbed some lighter fuel.

I headed downstairs slowly, doing my best to avoid Paula. I knew at this point she was a living, killer doll. So, the only way to get rid of her, would be to destroy her. I saw her sitting on the sofa watching TV. I swung the bat at her, hard enough to send her flying into the wall.

She hit the wall with a thud and she got back up. She picked up her butcher and she stabbed at me, I just barely managed to evade and right away, I sprayed her entire body with lighter fluid and I set her on fire. She screamed in agonizing pain, I watched as the porcelain doll known as Paula slowly melt away.