The Poet

They say that The Poet is a dangerous man. He doesn’t know his poems would be something that could be… dangerous. Poems are our psyche’s emotions and thoughts, not our own thoughts but you see, The Poet has the power to control everything like a puppet master or the mover of pawns. At first, the Poet named James Klei R. Olimpo loved to write at the age of 13. His poems were always amazing to read by the eyes of others but he doesn’t know that he may be the God of Calamity due to his poems.

You see, his poems come to happen true especially when it comes to death and fear. He didn’t know this at first. Whenever he gets bullied he writes about their deaths with a poem and it comes true and he thought it was only just a coincidence regardless how accurate the death was written in his notebook.

He did this again and again with hatred and then they happen. That’s when he realized that his writing has a power. The pen is mightier than a sword. He then started to kill people that are innocent with his power drove him insane. He wrote and wrote until half of the population of the Philippines has been depleted. Lurking through his room, I opened his notebook and I found his latest poem:

“Rence Torres will face fear

His screams that I will hear

He will be in terror

Shattered like a broken mirror

By a murderer to target

His life the murderer will get

Stabbed in the throat by a knife

Taken by the murderer his life”

Then I left going back to my room traumatized until I found out… I am The Poet. I was afraid of myself, I will never open that notebook again, tomorrow… I will burn it.