The Office

Moving from the big city to a small town has always been my dream. I’m not one for the big city life. I got a new job offer which would help me out of the financial rut that I’m in.

When I got to work on the first day everything seemed normal. My new coworkers are friendly. Seemed like everything was perfect.

The next moment someone knocks on the door. It was an old man. He was wearing a black suit and had a long grey beard. He came into the office with a disturbing look on his face.

“Something sinister happened here, I’m sorry I have to go,” the old man walked out the door, climbed in his car and sped off, leaving me and my co workers speechless.

“What a nut job,” my one co-worker yells. I just brushed down the comment and thought maybe the man was trying to scare us or something.

It’s 5pm and my boss told me I should work late tonight. I thought no worries I’ll be needing the extra money. As I’m sitting in front of the computer I can hear a dripping noice coming from the bathroom. I went to investigate- nothing.

As I’m walking back to my table, I hear footsteps behind me. It set shivers down my spine. I froze. I’m the only one here. I turn around and that’s when I saw it. A big black figure with yellow eyes looking straight at me with a grin on its face.

I never got out of a place quicker than that night. Didn’t even pack my things just got my car keys and didn’t look back.

The next morning I went to the shop for lunch. I noticed the old man from yesterday getting into his car. I stopped him and said, “Sorry, Sir, but can you please explain what you were talking about yesterday?” He looked at me as if he knew.

“You saw it too didn’t you?” he said.

Safe to say I never worked late again. That things still haunts me in my dreams.