The Nanny

Let me get this started by telling all of you; I’m a 15-year-old boy who is an only child, whose parents are on the go for a good part of the day, busy at meeting or busy with calls so they were never in the house. Here I am, all by myself. This is fun… Oh yeah, I have a nanny too. Her name is Eelma, she is a foreigner. She is the one that takes care of the chores around the house.

So now that you know, these strange things started happening around the house about a week ago; I overlooked as being animals or something. Like every night around the time I fell asleep, I would be awakened by some sort of scraping sound, no crawling. I always would just listen to music or a type of ASMR. After a couple of days, my parents were still on a trip for work and I had to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. Let’s say around 3AM. I woke up, the scratching was just apart of the night now so I didn’t really hear it. I got to the bathroom and sat down on the toilet. Right as I finished and was about to flush, I heard a noise coming down the hall. At first, I thought it was my nanny, but then I found out it was the scratching. It was coming closer to the bathroom then started to fade down the hallway and down the stairs, from what I recall. I creak the door open very carefully and then I see nothing. I turned around and went to flush the toilet and wash my hands. I open the door rather quickly and almost s**t my self. My Nanny was just standing there with the look of disappointment and said, “Come back to bed now, there are rodents running around…” So I went to go back to my room while the nanny’s right arm was around me, directing me to my room. Before I entered my room, I saw a black liquid on the stairs that was barely visible, but I knew what it was right when I saw it. I entered my room and said, “Thank you,” to the nanny and she looked at me and smiled. She was such a nice lady, mid 30s beautiful brown hair and bright blue eyes. I said, “Good night,” and we parted ways.

The next morning I woke up and made my way downstairs. I saw a woman sitting down at the table. She was talking to the nanny. The nanny looked at me with dread in her eyes and eventually told me that she was fired but said no more and left… A new nanny was on her way but wouldn’t be here until the morning. So it would be my first night alone… That night was a night I would never forget. It started with the scratching and then it grew extremely loud… Like nothing before and then I heard the crawling noise. Then scraping at my door… My door handle was shaking back and forth and fell off from the force of whatever was on the other side of door. I was paralyzed in fear and had the driest throat. The door creaked open. Slowly and then was open all the way. There was nothing in the door. What happened next will send chills down your spine… I look up out of my covers and see nothing. Five seconds go past and I’m about to get up and put my feet on the floor. I feel these razor-sharp claws dig into my feet…

*It’s under my bed*

I thought whilst screaming in pain. He puts his nails behind my tendon and rips it in half. As my right ankle is exposed to flesh blood and veins, I see the creature’s head. It looks like a man who is malnourished. He has the skin on his face, but no eyes, no ears, no nose. He smelt sweet like meat. His mouth opens in a mere second. His teeth look like something out of a horror movie; sharp, to the point, and overlap. He clamps his mouth with those needle teeth down on my ankle and starts sucking. It was not blood, it was even more painful… I blacked out to be awakened by my parents in the hospital with my old nanny right next to me. Apparently, I lost an eminence amount of bone marrow… The thing sucked my bone marrow out. I learned later my nanny was rehired because she apparently scared the “guy” off who apparently needed bone marrow from an O- person to sell it on the black market… But me and my nanny both know what happened and she smiled at me.