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Hello, you might be wondering why I’m wasting my time writing instead of killing right now, but that’s what makes this fun…I’ll be telling you the beginning of me and how I got here. It all started when I was born on March 18th 1999, which would make me 16 almost 17. I had a peaceful childhood in till I was in first grade, that’s when I started getting bullied. Yeah I know that’s the stupidest reason for me to be like this, but I’m only beginning…..My Mother and Father thought we should move, and so we moved. 5 years pasted, I was still bullied and if I told my Mom they would make me move again, so I kept it to myself…I didn’t even tell my little brother. So my brother is 12, he’s 4ft and 9in. Oh and, my father died in a car crash 2 years before then which made it very hard for me, since I did everything with my Dad and not my Mom, my Mom hates me…she says I killed him, so now I hate her….I wanted to kill her honestly! But I need to get pushed past the line, I needed to convince myself to do it though and sure enough…..I got the “push” I needed. 1 more year pasted before I got the “push”. I decided to go out into the forest for a bit and, of course my Mom said “Hope you don’t die sweetie!(Not)”. It made me mad and I said ” Whatever!!” I just yelled at her and she didn’t care. I walked to the forest and I decided to stay for a few hours. I sat down on the bench, someone came up to me and all I could see were dress pants and the end of something white. “What do you want…?” I asked in a mad but calm voice. “Me? Oh well thanks for asking, I’m Jeff. What’s your name?” He put his hand in front of me. I looked up to see his hand which was very white and then I put my hand in his. “Oh! You can move, I thought you couldn’t!” He laughed a little then asked “Want to hangout?” I was surprised and I looked up but he stopped me from looking at his face, so I decided to tell him. “No one has ever asked me that question…” A tear escaped my eye and slid of my cheek, he moved his hand from my head and wipped my tear away. “Your different than others. Your not scared of me or just plan up hate me.” I said with a angry face. “Why would anyone feel that way? I’ve learned to seek out the strong and I don’t really have to seek out the weak because their the ones that do things like bully and act scared…And, what’s with that angry fa-“. He was cut of by the top bully of my school. “Oh well if it isn’t my dear old victim talking to someone!” She said in a sarcastic way, that got me to stand up and raise my voice, Jeff stepped a side with his head down. “So, do you want another fight…?” I asked which seemed to make her back away as she seemed to remember last time. “N-no! I just wanted to say ‘Hi’!” She said but I knew better to just back down, she would kill me. “I know you want a fight, cause if I turn around right now you would try to kill me!” I yelled louder than usaul, and that made my school’s top bully jump. “Oh so you want to fight!” She started running at me but I side stepped. “How the he-” She was cut off by someone with orange goggles which I immediately knew it was Ticci Toby, Toby stabbed the top bully in till her pulse stopped. “Jeff you motherf###!” Toby said as Jeff was about to yell but remembered that I was there. “Toby, I was trying to get a new member!” Jeff said as happy as anyone can be and smiled as he took his hood off, and to my surprise it was the “Killer” himself. I looked up and Jeff was surprised I didn’t look scared at all not even a little. “Your not scared? What’s up with that?!” Jeff said disappointed. “You want to know why? I have seen things worst than you and to be honest! I love your Creepypasta family! I read all of your story’s and I loved them!” I told them excitedly, making Toby and Jeff shocked. “Wait, you mean…you know mine?” Toby asked and I nodded. “Wow!” Jeff smiled so big it made me smile a lot, but the smiling got cut of by……………..

  • Rose ThePainter

    Blood is Red,
    Bruises are Blue,
    What would I do?
    I would kill you! πŸ˜‰

  • Jkamme

    How can this be even real? These people are just fiction!

    • Rose ThePainter

      Think what you think…

      • Taryn Rehfeld

        You can write in first person, wether real or not, do you think they filmed marble hornets off of real events just because Jay reefers to himself as I?

    • Ellpa Elgae

      You do realise that these stories are intentionally fictional, right? It doesn’t mean anything when they are in first person, if that is what you’re thinking.

    • Wingman (proxy)

      They are my happiness in life

  • MegaCatDragon

    I’m a bit confused…

    • Rose ThePainter

      Do you want me to explain a little more in a different way? Like a different post to explain everything??? πŸ˜‰

  • βˆ†_R.H_βˆ†

    Kinda wanna know what happens now..

    • Rose ThePainter

      The next one is going to be out soon, don’t worry πŸ˜‰

      • Madalina Mihaela Vasilescu

        I can’t seem to find the next one, although 2 years have passed since this comment…πŸ€”πŸ˜”

        • Ray Ramirez

          Click on the three white dots in the corner on the name of the story and it’ll give you the option to go to the authors page. There you’ll find the rest of the story.

  • Ali Bell

    Intristed in the next one

    • Rose ThePainter

      It will be out soon ;D

  • wawe

    Sry, plz no more of this stuff, its btr takin the already existing ones and makin a story out of them, cause adding new pastas that will never reach the same level as the other ones, is just… sorry man, but I hope u kill the main character in the next part :/

  • Rose ThePainter

    I agree with your opinion, it’s good that you told me this but I would like to know what you want out of this. Can you answer it?

  • Simon

    Oh, this is “A Meet I will Never Forget” all over again…

  • Amber Watrous

    I think the writer should take the time to proofread and edit. I was confused through half of the story because the spelling and grammar was terrible. “Pasted” would be the past tense of paste. I believe the correct word would have been past or passed. The idea behind the story sounded good, but was executed poorly.

    • Brittney Ashton Pauley

      I came here to say the exact same thing

    • Rose ThePainter

      I was 10 at the time of writing this. I am now 13 and have given up on this story. All the mistakes were auto corrections. I also have learned from my mistakes and I now know writing creepy or spooky things are not my thing, so this story is officially canceled. I thank you for your feedback. 😊

  • Jed

    1/5 If your story sounds like it was written by an angsty 12-year-old, and you insert yourself into the story as a perfect character who becomes a killer’s protΓ©ge, (which, why would he do that) you might just be a Jeff the Killer story.

    • Rose ThePainter

      I was 10 at the time of writing this. I am now 13 and have given up on this story. All the mistakes were auto corrections. I also have learned from my mistakes and I now know writing creepy or spooky things are not my thing, so this story is officially canceled. I thank you for your feedback. 😊

      • Jed

        I don’t blame you. Even I wrote cringy stuff as a kid.

        • Rose ThePainter

          I’m glad someone understands. πŸ˜„

          • Jed

            I appreciate this community. It’s not full of hostile people.

        • Taryn Rehfeld

          I have like thirteen pages (front and back.) Of basically fan fic cringe I’m re writing it currently and would love to post it if I get Rose the painter’s permission I could also re write this! β€οΈπŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ–€

    • Taryn Rehfeld

      If you could read any of the other comments you would know she was ten years old. And I’m a Emo twelve year old and I do NOT write that bad thank you very much!

  • Colt

    Awful piece. The schools top bully? Bullies have ranks now? I’ll never get back the 5 minutes of my life back. Thanks alot…

  • CSGO

    Been 2 years, still hasn’t fixed the you’re and they’re mistakes? Uh what?

  • Ivy

    Where’s part two if you don’t mind in interested.

  • McMoots

    Definitely needs a good proof reading by someone else as the spelling, grammar and punctuation is just horrible.

    The paragraphing also needs work to help the story flow and make more sense.

  • User666

    Hey, can you continue this please? I got so into it, and then, BAM! To be continued, and now I’m sad as I wanna know what happened. XD

  • Lucidity

    OMG! Toby is my best friend!