The Man in the Dark

Everyone have heard of the tails of Candyman or Bloody Mary, but nobody talks about the Dark Shadows man. Everyone sees him. Even if you don’t see him at the time you know he’s there. You can feel his presence.The guy or figure that you see in the dark with no face or eyes and if you can see it you shouldn’t.

The thing that wakes you up in the middle of the night and keeps you up for the rest of it. The thing that makes you close your closet door at night so you won’t be tempted to look in it.

He is the thing that you think is under your bed, that makes you make sure the cover is on you feet or keep you making sure your feet isn’t hanging off the bed fearing that he will pull you by it.

Your parents and such, tells you that it’s you imagination, but they went through it too. They fear him too. They know not to speak of him and tries to keep you from speaking of him. He has very strict rules that people often mess up on.





Everyone knows of him but we call him a thing or figure because nobody has yet to figure out what ‘he’ is.

And for the people who has, they are unfortunately not here to tell the story. The very few people who have figured ‘him’ out is gone. No one knows where they went. No one knows who they are until lose them.

Even if people know this they still disobey.

If you get woken up follow the rules,

Be prepared.

Cover up.

Don’t try to look him in the eyes… he doesn’t have any, it’s complete darkness.

Let him leave himself, don’t force him to leave he isn’t what you think he is. He is very powerful.

If he wants you he will come closer and you will feel drained. As he walk closer you will want to run but will be frozen in the spot that you are in. He doesn’t have eyes but on the rare occasion that he does they will be red. He will look angry but you will not see the rest of his face.

You will try to get away but you can’t.

You will try to scream but no one will be able to hear you.

It will be too late…

So follow the rules and don’t try to look him in the eye.

…and you might live to face the next day. But remember,  he will be back…

  • Sarita Tinsley King

    I could read past the first paragraph. The misspelling and poor grammar is killing me.

    • Tru Luv Jackson

      The same with your comment what about couldn’t read past…. So I guess we all can make mistakes. I’m not worry about that misspell poor grammar writer comment.