The Mafia

I’m only telling you this because you won’t be able to tell anyone else. I’m sorry it had to end up this way, but I had no other choice. You shouldn’t have been walking by the alley that day, as you saw stuff that you shouldn’t have seen. The guy we were beating up owed us money; lots of money. We’d already threatened his family, but he’s the kind of sleazeball that didn’t care. Anyway, after we send this letter you’ll be locked in your house. We installed cameras in every room while you were at work; we know where you are and what you’re doing. If you communicate with anyone else, we will find out.

You know who I am.

Liam read the note that had just been slipped through his mail slot. He looked out his window and there was someone out there, very far away, but he knew someone was there. The figure walked out of his sight, seemingly knowing that Liam had seen them. He ran to every door in the house; all locked. He tried to open the windows; locked. He tried to unlock everything, but everything was chained with a padlock. He tried to break his windows; they wouldn’t break no matter what he did. He shouldn’t have bought the storm proof kind. He was trapped. His heart raced and Liam broke down into tears. His landline rang and he picked up very hesitantly.

“H-h-hello?” his voice trembled in fear and his legs shook, “Who are you?”

A deep, howling voice picked up on the other side, “You know who I am,” the man paused, “Did you get my letter?”

“Uhh, y-yeah I uhh,” there was a lump in his throat and he nearly broke down crying again, “Please I don’t know who you are, I won’t tell anyone, let me go please! Please.” He let it all go and cried into the phone. His sobs were loud and bellowing.

The man on the other side laughed, “Aren’t you a little beggar, but sorry I can’t trust you. You ran off to the police and ratted on me. One of my best men got arrested because of your little moral compass. You’re not a hero, you ratting on us only made us cut off his debts in the easiest way possible. Did you know that the soil at the park is really easy to dig? The police don’t patrol after midnight, so a body bag can slip past pretty easily.”

Liam’s jaw clenched immediately, had he just killed someone, “You’re despicable! How could you do that to someone, he just owed you some money!”

He laughed again, “Yeah I am despicable, you seem to love your parents. I don’t see any photos without them. You’ll have to call them and say goodbye.”

Just then, the phone line cut off and the figure he had seen before was at the window, he held a note, say goodbye.

He called his mother, “I love you so much Mom. Tell Dad I love him too. Bye Mom, I love you so much.”

His mother’s voice spoke through the phone, “Honey what do you-” he heard the sound of keys unlocking his door. Then the sound of a lock unlatching.

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