The Lake I Called Home

“I’m going fishing at the lake mom.. I’ll be back later.” Silence. My mom never responds to me, she’s always busy with her make-up or something like that. Sadly that’s all she cares about in her life. That’s besides the point.

My name is Taylor. I’m not like the average girl who likes to go to the mall or get their nails done. I’m more of a tomboy kind of person. Fishing is my favorite thing to do. I ride my bike to a lake I live by almost everyday. Nothing out of the ordinary except for today was way different. I was fishing minding my own business. I could hear strange noises, so i look around the lake and i see ducks in distress. It looked like they were stuck in seaweed. I figured it’s easy to get out of considering I catch it on my line half the time; so i payed little to no attention to it and continued with my day. A few hours passed by.. Caught a few fish here and there. I decided to go home and try tomorrow.

I woke up at the crack of dawn and rode down to the lake. Something was off the lake. It looked different, but i couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I chose to ignore it for now. An hour or two passed by when my line started to be pulled inch by inch into the water. I could tell this was a decent fish. I started to fight the fish when I noticed the seaweed that the ducks were caught in yesterday was close to me and it was very dark and looked slimey almost . I was pulling in the fish close enough to tell what it was; a catfish, maybe 25 pounds. It was almost towards shore when the seaweed moved towards the fish that was fighting me with every ounce of muscle it had. The fish soon became consumed by the dark slimey seaweed and now seemed to weigh hundreds of pounds. I reeled in as much line as possible. It suddenly became very light. I pulled in the fishes bones in. The ooze had eaten my fish. I was freaked out and started running when something grabbed my ankle and i fell face first into wet sand. I was screaming for help but no one was around to hear my pathetic cries. I was slowly being pulled in when i saw a skeleton appear out of the ooze with his hand tightly grasped around my ankle. The slime sticking to me and crawling up from the skeleton to my body to consume me along with the fish. The skeleton started to speak and that’s when I really tried to scream. It said in a low raspy growl “scream all you want no one will hear. You are now taking my spot in this horrible mess since i will be at rest once i have your soul.” i was dragged into the water; ooze wrapped around my entire body. I was being pulled the the dark bottom of the lake never to be seen or heard from again. The ooze started to burn my skin and slowly made my body ache. I realized my skin was becoming the dark ooze. I was becoming the skeleton and taking its spot.

The skeleton’s soul was now at rest since it stole mine. I am now the skeleton of the ooze. I am waiting for my turn to become free and at peace. I am waiting in the dark pits of the lake it’s freezing.

My mom never saw me or heard me come home, but i bet she never noticed. That was once my home to call mine. Now this place is what i call home…

  • Wyatt

    Nice tales from the crypt reference