The Kidnappings – Episode 1

My name is Lizzie and i’m 16. When i’m older I want to be a journalist. My best friend Kate and I volunteered to run the town newspaper, we were so happy. My story starts on Saturday in my bedroom. “Lizzie! I found something to write a section in the newspaper about.” “And what is that, Kate?” I asked with a bored sigh. Apparently a girl named Megan Kopes had been kidnapped. She’s the same age as Kate and I. Nobody knows if she’s alive or not. “Where was she last seen?” I asked with a serious face. “At the park.” Kate replied. We rushed down to the park, Kate brought a notpad and pen, I brought my photography camera. We split up in different directions. I went towards the old tool shed the groundskeeper owns and Kate went towards the fountain area. The park was very crowded for a Saturday. I saw the shed in front of me. I got closer and closer until, “Excuse me. What are you doing?” Asked some old man with a shovel over his shoulder. I was scared and so I panicked. “Umm. I’m going towards the swingset o- over.. there.” I pointed towards the swings past the shed. I ran over there before he could ask me any questions. As I ran I felt an icy chill up my spine as if he was watching me. I turned around and saw him staring at me. I saw something cold in his eyes. He was really creepy. Just as he walked off Kate came running towards me. Her beautiful blond ponytail bobbed up and down behind her. “Did you find any clues?” Kate asked. “Nope. Did you?” I sighed. “Yeah!” Kate beamed with excitement. “Really?” I asked. Kate lead me over to a pile of leaves. “Umm.” I looked at her confused. “Look at this.” Kate whispered  She dcraped some leaves away. Underneath was a few drops of blood. I looked around to make sure nobody was looking at us or would be able to hear us. “Well it is just a few drops. How do we know somebody didn’t just fall over and scrape their knee.” I asked. “I have a feeling it’s linked.” Kate whispered. We found outselves wandering around in the woods next to the park a couple hours later. Kate was searching for some clues while I examined the pictures of blood on my camera. Before I could ask anything Kate had ran towards some direction. I ran after her as fast as I could. “Wait up!” I shouted. “Come on this way!” Kate called back. I pushed through some bushes and jumped over a couple of logs. I was losing sight of her. Before I could shout at her to stop I tripped on some gravel. “Argh! My knee!” I cried. I was lost and couldn’t find Kate. It was already getting dark and I was just sitting their on the ground. I quickly got up to find Kate until I heard “Need some help?” I heard a familiar voice from behind my back. Before I could turn around I felt something really hard against my head. The next thing I know i’m in my bed. It definitely wasn’t a dream. I knee that because I had a bandage around my knee that I had fell on to. Who hit me in the head and how did they get me in my bed? I felt like I was involved with something deeper. I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs as fast as I could. I went straight up to my mum and asked “How did I get in my bed?” “You fell asleep after playing your laptop all night.” Replied mum with a laugh. “I never went on my laptop. I was out with Kate and I was hit on the head” I explained to her. She laughed at me. “That was just a dream sweetie.” She told me before she got up and went to make a sandwich. I knew it wasn’t a dream. I then just accepted her explanation and went back upstairs to my bedroom. I opened up my laptop and called Kate on Skype. “Where did you go last night?” Kate immediatley asked me with concern. “What are you talking about?” I asked. Apparently Kate and I HAD gone out in the woods yesterdqy. That still doesn’t explain why my mym said it was a dream and how I ended up in bed. I explained to Kate how I had dissapeared last night. After that I had ended the call end layed back on my bed with a sigh. I tried to remember who’s voice it was in the woods. I knew it was a male and sounded familiar.

Authors Note:

Hey guys thanks for the support. This is my new series! I’m going to have plenty of gore in the next episode. Leave who you think kidnapped Lizzie and… took her home?… 🤔

  • Kayly Omas

    I think the creepy guy that talked to Lizzie in the woods kidnapped her.

  • SkullNboNes

    I think the old guy and her mom are apart of some conspiracy, I could be wrong though lol

  • Seth Stephen Kitamura

    This has a promising plot! I love how you built the suspense! I really hope this would be successful! And I think, just like what the comments below says, that it was the creepy old man who hit her in the head. Then somehow was able to return her home by entering her house and setting up her laptop with her supposedly asleep.

  • Nick Lawson

    If the voice is extremely familiar and your mom tried to cover up for it its probably the dad or the old man

  • Simon

    And this is “creepy” because…?

  • Netor Ananab

    I bet the mum and the creepy guy are in it together? Or maybe the mum is actually unaware?

  • Netor Ananab

    Ooo or maybe it was Kate!

  • Ray Ramirez

    This is good so far, about to read the second one

  • Empresses Esen

    ere were some spelling errors, but it was a really good beginning short story.

  • Empresses Esen

    There were some spelling errors, but it was a really good beginning short story.