The Insanity Flower – Part 3

I’ve been in this “Eternal hell” for a week now. I found some water that doesn’t taste great and a flashlight that still works surprisingly, but I haven’t found any food yet. The days feel cold and the nights were long. Many of the trees were dead too. I haven’t found any type of life anywhere in this world apart from the flowers. I stayed out of the forest and usually just sat on my broken bed and tried to think about how to get out of this world and back into mine. Staying here will kill me. So I need to find a way fast.

But today was different than the others. I finally found something that was “Alive.”

I woke up from my bed and went out of my window to get on the roof. I can do that now due to it being broken. I looked around the landscape. Nothing out of the ordinary, if I could even say that about an abandoned wasteland. But when I was about to go back into the house. I heard a roar. A very loud roar. I almost slipped off the roof. Luckily, I caught the window sill. I looked in the direction of the roar. It was a robot. A giant robot. It had turrets and other weapons attached to it. It didn’t see me while I was crawling back into the home. I went into the closet bellow my stairs. Its loud footsteps were getting louder. Did it actually see me? The robot stopped moving and stayed there for about a minute until It started to walk away. I crawled out of the closet and saw it walking towards another house.

I heard something behind me. “Hey there friend.” The Insanity flower said. “Leave me alone!” I told it. I talked a bit too loud. I heard very loud and fast footsteps behind me. I turned and saw the robot running in my direction. I ran out the back door as fast as I could. The robot was chasing me. It started to shoot me with its turrets. It got me in the leg. Blood was rushing through and out of the wound it made in my limb. I ran in the direction of the forest. I hid behind a tree that fell to the ground. I took my sweatshirt and tied it around the wound. I heard the machine walking and destroying trees. I heard It clanking and clunking too. It sounded broken. Either way, It was very close to me.

Suddenly, the Insanity flower grew out of the ground and yelled “Hey big boy! Over here!” The robot immediately shot a rocket in my direction. It’s shockwave hit the tree I was hiding behind. Flinging it into the distance. It saw us. I tried to run again, but I tripped and hit my head on a rock.

I turned and looked at it. Is this it? Am I going to die to a giant war machine? The blood is rushing through my head. The blood soaking on my sweatshirt. This is it. My last moments.

I closed my eyes.

But everything went quiet.

I opened my eyes to see the robot was gone. It vanished without a trace. But the bullet was still in my leg. So it wasn’t an illusion. The Insanity Flower grew in front of me and stared at my wound. It started to heal the wound. It looked at me and said in a more irritated tone, “I’m not done with you yet.” And it vanished. I got up and walked back to my house.

It was gone. Completely obliterated. The robot must have blown it while it was chasing me. I looked around, hoping I wouldn’t see it in the distance. Luckily, I didn’t. It started to go dark. I had to break into an abandoned house for warmth or the cold night would surely kill me. The nights in this realm are very cold and long. The days, on the other hand, were warm but short. But that doesn’t matter.

I broke into an abandoned house by smashing a window, hoping that the robot won’t hear that if the robot even was around. while I was searching, I found a hatch. When I opened it, a very putrid scent escaped from the hatch. I gagged and almost puked. I stopped myself and looked down the hatch with my flashlight shining down it.

There were three skeletons down there. Two bigger ones and a baby one with its skull on the ground. That wasn’t the only thing down there. There were things moving down there. Bugs. Cockroaches to be exact. But they were big. One leaped at me, but I slammed it closed before it got to me.

I felt strange for a second. Like this wasteland was the aftermath of something. Then it hit me

I was starting to put everything together.

I woke up covered in dense vines.

Everyone was missing. Some found as skeletons.

Baren wasteland with no sign of life.

A giant war robot.

Giant cockroaches.

Freezing nights.

Strong storms.

And the flower, or flowers.

I put everything together. This world must be the aftermath of a world war. Where bombs were dropped, killing mostly everyone. Giant robots that kill any human on sight. Bugs enlarged by the radiation. The nuclear winter causing the world to freeze as more intense storms occur.

The flower took me to a future where the world went to destroy itself. Causing life to cease. This future really is an Eternal hell for me. Where I am probably the last one alive.

I need to find that flower

The flower took me here. He’s taking me back to my world no matter what.