The Grasslands

Have you heard of the tale of the Grasslands? Well you are in for a treat, there was a town in Arizona in 1800s, the town of drywater. The mayor of this town was Marlon Maywell, a strange and mysterious old coot. His great-grandfather founded this town in 1798. But when Marlon was a boy his great-grandfather disappeared looking for a place to the west called the Grasslands, a strange and ancient place said to hold untold riches and water. His great-grandfather was told of this place by a demon in disguise as an old gypsy, in return for a warm meal and bed. Marlon’s relative believed the demon and trusted him, the demon said that there was an ancient giant guardian made from dirt and stone and is said to turn people to dust because of the glowing stones protruding from his eyes.

The relative ignored the demon’s warning and went on his journey to the Grasslands and never returned. On may 16th 1827 a man named Arliss Valentine visited the town of drywater asking where he can find The Grasslands. He asked around for days until he asked the mayor. Mayer Marlon said to never go to that place and if you do”you disappear. Mr.Valentine ignored Marlons warning. And he travelled to that place and he never came back.

On June 25th 1836 mayor Marlon became curious about this place called the Grassland and why people disappear when they go there, and decided to travel there with a group of people to find and explore the Grasslands. When Marlon came back he had no legs or teeth. He was hardly alive and he never told anyone what happened to him and the group of people that went there. But they say that the demon that has deceived his great-grandfather had told him to never tell anyone of The Grasslands or he would kill him!!